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How to store several checklists with different progresses



i am a PowerApps beginner and have been looking for a solution for 2 weeks:


I have to build a mobile app that allows a manager to check the HR onboarding course of his employees using a checklist. All data should be stored locally on the mobile phone. The manager "creates" a new employee and then a checklist with predefined tasks (always same tasks), which the manager has to complete, is created. Through a menu, the manager can select an already created employee and view the employee's checklist. This way he can switch between the checklists of different employees and "tick off" what has already been done for a specific employee.


I would save the employee data in a collection, but I can't find a solution how to save the given tasks, so that

a) the manager selects an employee from this "menu" (probably a gallery) and actually gets the checklist created for this specific employee and

b) also the progress of each checklist (if a task was "checked off") is saved and displayed.


Do I also use Collections for this? And create a new collection for each new employee?

I would be grateful for any hint/ suggestion.





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Collections are temporary storage within the App. The final save should be done to a datasource such as Excel, sharepoint list, SQL.
Futher explaination would help.

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So we are looking for a solution that stores the data locally.


A SharePoint list or SQL would not work then, right? Do you have an example of how this could be realized in an Excel?


If someone could confirm to me that the whole project cannot be realized this way in Power Apps, then of course I would start looking for an alternative solution.



Collections are temporary. Watch this video for further details :

If you want to try Offline powerapps with collections watch this:

If you want to try with excel in personal onedrive which is free try

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