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How to submit multiple forms at one buttom



I have 2 forms in my app called EditForm1 & EditForm 2 


On form 2 i have 1 button, i would like to save both forms with that single button.



But how??

Advocate III
Advocate III

In the "OnSelect" property of the Button just do:



Of course if those forms are connected in the same data source, it would create 2 records in that data source, if those 2 forms are referred to the same record you should add one and then update that record with the ID created by the data source.



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i used SubmitForm(EditForm1);;SubmitForm(EditForm2) before, but indeed it create 2 records, i would like to have them in one record, what do i have to do to save the forms in the same record.

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I'm not a application developer, so i realy dont have any clue of what i have to do right now

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Anonymous


I am not a fan of PowerApps forms, have little experience with them so what I suggest may need a little adjusting:


SubmitForm(EditForm1);;Patch(YourDataSource; EditForm1.LastSubmit; EditForm2.Updates)

Please let me know what happens.

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I tried your code but, i get an unknown error. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

OK, difficult to help further in that case.

As I have mentioned before, please let me know when you are ready to leave forms and use the single controls instead.

@Anonymous did you manage to get round this. am trying to do same thing and been looking.

@Meneghinohow do you mean 'leave forms and use the single controls instead'. i'm new to powerapps and thought everything is forms based.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @d2S

Basically you can use Patch, Update, Remove etc. functions to write to a data source wthout the need for forms.

If you need user input, you can for example use the value of the text of a text input control (say TextInput1) to write a new record in a data source like this:

Patch(MyDataSource, Defaults(MyDataSource), {MyTextField: TextInput1.Text})

You can also include calculated variables based on the current time, etc. etc.

You can find references to all these functions here:

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