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How to submit multiple forms at one buttom



I have 2 forms in my app called EditForm1 & EditForm 2 


On form 2 i have 1 button, i would like to save both forms with that single button.



But how??

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I just did it another way. I removed the second screen and placed them all in one screen. 


I was searching for this solution. Tried your method and it works. Thanks!

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Hi Meneghino,


your formula was correct. I just made a litte change to the syntax. It works for my project very well.


In fact I have two items and one of those items is split into 3 forms:




The OnSuccess property of all Finanz Forms is set to false.




I think I hear you saying that in some cases it may be better to just use controls that are individually configured to handle CRUD operations on records rather than rely on forms with data cards, etc.


I have a similar need where I need to populate one dropdown/lookup with a subset of the lookup choices  but can't get this to work in a datacard with SharePoint integration. The patch operation works fine but then I have to mess around with the remainder of the controls in the form when it comes to a submit/update operation using 'Last()', etc.


Your perspective is fresh and unique and frankly I am relieved to think there is a way to provision these controls manually as I am not a big fan of the forms in PowerApps. I'm glad I read your suggestion.


I plan to give a go at configuring controls for the view, edit and new states and use patch to update/create records.


I would love to hear any additional considerations you may have when using this approach that I may not have thought of and thanks again for helping us to look at this in a different way.


I have many forms across different screens in my app that I submit to one record in my SQL database. The method I use is. 

Patch('database', Defaults('database'), Form1.Updates, Form2.Updates, Form3.Updates...etc.)

 If there is already a record in the database that I want to modify I search for the ID_Key (Must be a unique key to work) and then patch to that. 

Patch('database',{ID_key:LookUp('database',Name=DataCardValue9.Selected.Value,ID_key)},Form1.Updates, Form2.Updates, Form3.Updates, etc...)
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @PhilD

Thanks for the support.  I have since created this blog post on creating your own forms:




Great example that explains the approach very well, thanks!

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Hi, I might be late to the party by about 2 years but I'm here for future people incase they need help with this problem.


I found that doing the following helps submitting multiple forms with one button


I use the following code "SubmitForm(MyForm1) && SubmitForm(MyForm2) && SubmitForm(MyForm3) && ...." within the OnSelect Function


I've used this to update multiple forms within my Sharepoint List and I hope this helps people in the future


Thank you for your contribution from the future.


How would you accomplish this with a model driven app?

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