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How to use multiple Choices Function for the items property for a dropdown/combobox


What i am trying to achieve.

I want my combo box to display custom option set depending on another custom box. 

but the items are custom entities.



value 1.pngq2.png

Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous ,

You do not need the Text references around the DataCardValues unless their value is numeric. Try removing them.

You also do not need the brackets around the second Control reference, although this should not affect the validity.


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@WarrenBelz I tried the solution suggested, but that didn't work. I do believe that the Text reference is needed.

OK @Anonymous ,

I will tag my code guru colleague @Eelman to see if he has any ideas.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@WarrenBelz thanks for the tag.


@Anonymous have you tried changing your Update property to simply DataCardValue.SelectedItems?

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Hi Thanks for answering

but i get the error below. 


Would you be able to replicate what i am trying to do ?


-So basically I have a Edit Form. That has a Field called XXX from CDS entity, which is a dropdown(Optionset). I want that Drop downbox to be able to have a conditional to choice between two set of choices. Choices as in (optionset values). 


-So hence i have put  IF(true, choices(1), Choices(2)) in the items property of that field

But then i get an error in the Update property 



Community Champion
Community Champion

@Anonymous  Unfortunately, I can't recreate your situation because I don't have access to CDS. However, OptionSets sounds like Choices in SharePoint, maybe?


One thing you could try is building a single table based on both option sets, schema example


OptionSet data || fromTable

[...                      || Table1

                  ...].   || Table1

[...                      || Table2
                  ...].   || Table2


Then depending on your other dropdown selection, Filter the above table for your records?


The other question I have is, what type of field in Update patching back to? If it's  a Choice/Option Set field I'd be pretty certain you can't do what you want here because your trying to change the database schema. However, If it's a simple text Field I think you'd be ok.


@PowerAddict  may be able to help here with his CDS knowledge?


Thanks @Eelman.

I have a few questions:
1. How is your field (the one you are trying to update using the edit form) defined in CDS? You can define only one option set when you create a field. So not sure how two option sets can be used to update that field.
2. The Update property has to have an option set value, so you cannot specify two optionset values as the definition of that field was done by just 1 optionset.
3. If you really want 2 different dropdowns to update the XXX field, can you replace that field with a text field? You could then have a conditional in the Items property and use 2 dropdowns populated locally with a collection or a data table.

I can share a working example of point #3 if this is something that will work for you. I can possibly share a few more alternatives but let me know your thoughts.

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Hardit Bhatia

Also just to add to that, if you just want your dropdown values to be different based on certain criteria, you could create just 1 options that has all the values, and then split it into two sub lists based on your criteria. I can give you the details about this approach if you are fine with using just 1 option set.

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Hardit Bhatia
The Power Addict

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