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How to use sample template apps in developer environment?


I'm trying to follow the Learn module Explore sample template apps. However, it seems that the model-driven sample template apps need the creation of a trial environment. I am licensed with a 365 Business Standard license and using the free community plan developer PowerPlatform environment for learning the platform. Under this circumstances I do not see any way to create a trial environment.

I could probably start a 30-day trial period for a PowerPlatform plan, but I really would like to keep this option for a deeper future evaluation deciding whether PowerApps could extend/replace our current business database.

Is there any other way how I can get my hands on this sample apps in my developer environment?

Thanks for any hint!

Super User
Super User

Hi @mag 

If you go the Power Platform admin center, can you see the option to create a new trial environment? 

If you have a CDS database in your community plan environment, you could try to add the sample apps from the trial environment into a solution, and then import that solution into your developer environment.

Hi @timl 


Thanks for your reply! I do indeed see the option to create a new trial environment, but I cannot use it. I am informed that we reached the limit of 0 test environments. However, this is according to my expectations, as we have no paid PowerApps plan so far. This is why I'm trying to follow the examples with a developer (community edition) environment.


In the mean-time I looks as if this developer environment was corrupt. E.g. I cannot open the environment details in the Power Platform Admin Center. I just get an error message "Unexpected error - unexpected error". I cannot delete the environment, either. I simply do not have (or find) this option in the Power Platform Admin Center.


In the Power Apps Admin Center I can open details for the developer environment. But that's basicly all I can do. The developer account has no database yet, trying to create one results in an error message that translates as "The environment {some UUID} was not found in tenant {other UUID}". Although I have the option to delete the environment here, it only generates an error message that translates to something like "Error trying to determine if the environment can be deleted. Try again."


I honestly have no idea how to proceed from here...

@mag - sorry to hear about these problems.

Could you try to raise a support ticket by clicking the 'Create support ticket' button on the following page?  

If your developer environment is corrupt, hopefully they can fix it and the sample apps for you at the same time.

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