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Advocate III
Advocate III

Huge issue with Powerapps 3.22052.16 (component OnReset)

Hi, I have an issue with the 3.22052.16 's power apps version. (I'm in France)


Component OnReset does not works and display a "Invalid use of "."' on components with onreset.

My Onreset's component formula is:

Set test(var,MyComponent.InputProperty).




If I change the formula to




I have another error: "invalid number of arguments, 1 has been received, 2 were needed"


To be more specific I'm french and use the french version of powerapps (';' instead of ','), so maybe it's a localisation issue.


This issue in running since the last powerapps update from 3.22051.27 to 3.22052.16


To make it work, I have to set the version to 3.22051.27  each time I want to edit it !


Passing to the next version 3.22053.4 does not fix the issue.

Can Microsoft do something?

Thank you in advance for your help


Accepted Solutions

The fix for this issue has been deployed in all regions. If you re-open the apps for editing the components should behave as they should.

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Advocate III
Advocate III

after more tests, changing my language with chrome navigator turn of my specific powerfx localization and fix it. So for the moment the 3.22052.16 version still don't work if you are localized in France.


Please can MSF do something about that bug?

Frequent Visitor

I confirm, I face the same issue too. Thank for the temporary solution, but plz, fix this bug !

Advocate III
Advocate III

I'm glad I don't feel so alone anymore

Advocate II
Advocate II

Same here in Germany!!! 
I hope they will fix this very soon

could you please explain in detail, what you did to change the localization for the powerfx?
Thanks a lot 🙂

Helper I
Helper I

I have the same problem,

I am in France with an Edge browser in French.


do you know how to set up another powerapps release?

Advocate III
Advocate III


- before anything save your project in powerapps studio

- click on "File

- Click on "Account"

- Assistance

- Modify

- Choose the 3.22051.27 version


You will have to do that any time you edit your project.


My advice is to change your navigator language 

If you use Edge navigator i think power apps use your system localization

With chorme all you have to do is going to parameters > language and put "English (united states)" on the top of the list.



Advocate II
Advocate II

3.22052.23 still has the same bug!!!
Please MS fix this!

Helper I
Helper I

Monday, I present my app to the big public at an event. I can´t believe this is happening. I thought I would be more stable when working with Microsoft.. I Need to rethink this.. 

MS Please hurry to fix this!

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