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Advocate III
Advocate III

Huge issue with Powerapps 3.22052.16 (component OnReset)

Hi, I have an issue with the 3.22052.16 's power apps version. (I'm in France)


Component OnReset does not works and display a "Invalid use of "."' on components with onreset.

My Onreset's component formula is:

Set test(var,MyComponent.InputProperty).




If I change the formula to




I have another error: "invalid number of arguments, 1 has been received, 2 were needed"


To be more specific I'm french and use the french version of powerapps (';' instead of ','), so maybe it's a localisation issue.


This issue in running since the last powerapps update from 3.22051.27 to 3.22052.16


To make it work, I have to set the version to 3.22051.27  each time I want to edit it !


Passing to the next version 3.22053.4 does not fix the issue.

Can Microsoft do something?

Thank you in advance for your help


Power Apps Studio IS in the web browser. I think it was a desktop version earlier, but not for several years if I understand correctly.

You can change the version in the web browser as described. 


I also filed a support ticket through the admin center for this issue. Hopefully they will fix it soon...

New Member

Hi @Kesh , same issue from Belgium, thank you for your help it works perfectly

Ni trick @Kesh thank you a lot

Advocate III
Advocate III

you're welcomed

Frequent Visitor

Is there any update about this issue?
We still have the same issue in the Spain...

Frequent Visitor

olá estou com o mesmo problema, tenho mais de 18 app que utilizam o reset do componente e todos eles estão com problema deixando os app incapazes de uso.

Favor corrijam este bug

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi, any solutions?

@MIS , @Slemp , @timl , @Reza , @dastaffo , @brstaffo , @Pstork1 , @WarrenBelz , @RandyHayes , @Drrickryp , @BCBuizer , @gabibalaban   or anyone who can help us...

Advocate I
Advocate I

This is some of the feedback I got from support so far.


Thank you so much for the detailed information and prompt feedback. 


However, may I inform you that the Components and component library are still in preview. 
Furthermore, "Preview features" might not be meant for production use and may have restricted functionality.
These features are available before an official release, so that customers can get timely access and provide feedback.
++ Create a component for canvas apps (preview) (contains video) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

++ Component library (preview) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs




Kindly assist with sharing your feedback with what was noticed at your end, in our ideas portal and be assured this will be better examined.


However, may I also suggest as a work-around to roll back to the suggested Studio version 3.22051.36 by you,
++Turn off the preview/Experimental features of the App
++ save and publish the App.

To further get more tractions while I expect your feedback, I will be relating/escalating this effect noticed from your end with my senior colleagues, to see what we could also come up with in time to better mitigate your concerns.

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

If you are using this code inside the component itself in the ONReset property the correct way to reference an Input value would be to use Self.

Set(varInput, Self.InputProperty)

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Pessoalmente não encontrado solução, mas entendi o erro, quando entro no meu navegador com língua inglesa funciona normalmente porque ele entende " ""; ou "", quando usamos em nosso idioma e usamos dentro do componente ";"; os aplicativos de energia entender que você deve colocar apenas ";" e apresenta o erro, mas se você mudar para o padrão o navegador também entende que está cometendo outro erro. A solução que encontrado por enquanto é mudar seu navegador para inglês que vai funcionar e depois salvar e publicar e, em seguida, mudar o idioma novamente

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