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Hyperlinks in Powerapps



I have a field in my Excel table that is a hyperlink. Are there any instructions on how to activate the hyperlink when I'm in the PowerApps application? Is this even allowed?



I have a field in Sharepoint defined as a hyperlink (a link to a document elsewhere on the site).  When I create a customized form for the list using Powerapps, I only have the ability to include a field to store the URL address.  How do I allow the user the ability to enter the display text?  Each Hyperlink has an address and display text component.



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when creating a button with a hyperlink - 1. ensure you have quotes around the address ... I just found this out by trial and error. ex: Launch("")

However - I want to know how to get the link to open in a new tab and not take the user away from the app.

I'm sure it's something simple that I'm overlooking, but any help would be appreciated.



@Anonymous Launch should open in a new tab by default. What browser/device are you trying this on?




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Hi guys,


I'm sure this is probably a simple request...


I have a single text field that would like to have the url value be clickable.  


I have the following formula for the field "Launch(ThisItem.AAUILinks)" but it doesn't work and I'm not seeing any thrown errors.  


Note: I want it to make the entered link value an active hyperlink.  Since the value can be changed based on user input it cannot simply be Launch("Address").





Am I missing something?  




Hi @Anonymous this is likely due to the FormMode = View.


Pasting my comment earlier in the thread.


"When the Form control is in FormMode = View, it blocks the child control's behavior/actions (OnSelect = Launch in this case). A good workaround is to put the button outside the Form. Another one is to put your Form in Edit mode. We are discussing if we should change that behavior. In parallel we will work on updating documentation so developers are aware of this."




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@anees - Thanks for the heads up and my apology for not seeing this earlier in the thread.  Much appreciated. 

How does the concatenation work?  & doesn't do it.  Launch ( " & LinkCardValue1 & ")  

I even tried to print the quote charter with CHAR(34).  No luck

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Did you ever get an answer on this?

@MickThornton@acoyle what is the value that you are trying to use in Launch.


If it is a URL in text format you dont need to explicitly put quotes.


If not then something like this works for me. Where TextInput1 contains say "cnn"

Launch("https://www." & TextInput1 & ".com")


If this does not work for you let us know the details i.e. what is the value, what is the scenario (is the Launch button nested?), which browser are you using?, etc.




I did find I needed to encode the URL, so I replaced the colon and forward slash with %3A and %2F.  That worked.  I guess I could have used the "http://" in quotes to get around the encoding.  

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