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Hyperlinks in Powerapps



I have a field in my Excel table that is a hyperlink. Are there any instructions on how to activate the hyperlink when I'm in the PowerApps application? Is this even allowed?



How would this be be done to use the hyperlink that is already in the column. So I have a column in my sharepoint data table, I would like to be able to open the document from that link so I am trying to use the Launch() command, but am unsure of what to put in the parentheses. Fore Example


Column 1


How would I tell the PowerApp to open that link when it is selected? 



Launch() takes in the URL to open. Example: Launch("")


In your case this will be a dynamic value, so you could write something like this: Launch(DataTable1.Selected.'{Link}'). In this case I am using the built-in 'Link' column in SharePoint lists to directly open that list item.You could set it to another column in your list that has the URL you would like to open. Also DataTable1 is the name of my DataTable control instance, change it to match the one you have.




The Launch() function works fine i Chrome, but seems to be broken from Internet Explorer. Anybody else have this experience?





Hi Leif


Can you describe the issue you are seeing?




Hi @anees,


What I do is this:

1) Create a new custom list i Sharepoint.

2) Click the "Customize Forms" button to go to the PowerApps designer.

3) Insert a label on the form.

4) Set the "onSelect" attribute to Launch("")

5) Save and publish the app to Sharepoint.

6) Go back to Sharepoint and open an item in the list - this launches the PowerApp customized form.

7) Click the label.



   - When using the Chrome or Firefox browser, the web page ( opens in a new tab as expected.

   - When using Internet Explorer, nothing happens.


I also tried using a button instead of a label - same problem.


Let me know if you need more info or if this is sufficient.




Not applicable

Hi - same problem for me. Launch just doesn't work. I've applied it to a Link to item field within a card and I've tested it and other sites, with different browsers even and it doesn't work at all for me. Is there something missing from the parameters for the Launch function?

Thanks for reporting. Will investigate and get back.

From investigation it looks like there are two broad categories:

1) Controls not inside a Form control using Launch.

2) Controls inside a Form control using Launch.


For #1

The most likely cause is the Internet Options  > Security Settings/Zones. Please check to see that the site you are running your app in and the site you are trying to launch are not in different/more restricted security zones.

Here's a reference article on how to change security settings for IE:


For #2

When the Form control is in FormMode = View, it blocks the child control's behavior/actions (OnSelect = Launch in this case). A good workaround is to put the button outside the Form. Another one is to put your Form in Edit mode. We are discussing if we should change that behavior. In parallel we will work on updating documentation so developers are aware of this.




The problem with this solution (and all the other ones I see on this forum) is that it will only work in my form.  I need to display the Display Name for a hyperlink in my sharepoint list.  Right now my list shows the hyperlink which I do not want.

Hi Ruth


Need some more context to help us better understand. Adding a field of type Hyperlink from your SharePoint list to your form should use the display name.




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