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I need to call for a record in a gallery item, to reduce sql calls.

I have a gallery that I wish to call a record into it, so that I can reference in multiple labels.  This would eliminate repeated calls to a SQL table.  Is there a way to do this?


In context of a Gallery:

This works, in a Label.Text



First(Lookup(SQL_table, Index=Thisitem.Idx)).Name



 Result is: "Bob"


What I want to work, in a Label.Text or whatever:



First(Lookup(SQL_table, Index=Thisitem.Idx))



Then, in Label2.Text.Name

Result: "Bob"



Result: "Texas"


Is there an object I can do this, instead of making multiple calls for the same record?

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In your gallary, are the lookup items that you want to display grouped relatively together?

If so, perhaps you could do this with a nested child gallery. You'd set the Items property to

Table(First(Lookup(SQL_table, Index=Thisitem.Idx)))

..and in the child gallery template, you can just reference ThisItem.Name, ThisItem.State etc.

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@timl ,


I had tried this.  Fooled a bit more with it too.  It shows the columns, but the table doesnt have any data in it.  Exactly as you said, with the lookup in item.  It obviously is written correct because the columns are there, but why no data?


The table works outside of the gallery, but with the driving search criteria is thisitem.xxxxx, then its not returning anyting.  Just field info.

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I suspect the most likely culprit is "explicit column selection".

If you wrap ShowColumns around the LookUp and include the columns you want to show, does that make a difference?

      ShowColumns(Lookup(SQL_table, Index=Thisitem.Idx),


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