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I simply want to open a Powerapps form pre-populated with a Sharepoint List Item




I am new to Powerapps and am learning my way about it, but there is one thing I simply cannot get to work:


I want to use a hyperlink to a Powerapps Form, opening a relevant row from the Sharepoint list, using the ID field of that list.


For example I have tried:<REDACTED>8f4?id=30


Which I would expect to open my Powerapps Form pre-populated with fields from the record where ID=30. But no matter what I try the fields come up blank.


I can see three areas where I may be going wrong:


1. There is something wrong with the syntax of my link.


2. There is something wrong with the form attributes (I have tried setting DefaultMode to FormMode= New, Edit and Read).

3. My web address is referencing my powerapp in general, but I need to reference the Form embedded in the App.

Can anyone help me with this please?


many thanks in advance,




I think there are two areas I


Hi Andy,



Can you please show full steps by steps? From list to creating app, type of app sharepoint integration or not,List definition to steps taken in the form itself.


Also point out field definitions are they dropdowns or not in PowerApps, and in SharePoint list settings what's the column types? Are they single texts or multi line etc?


I am having a hard time trying to do the same and I am specifically trying to autopopulate only one field based of a multiple choice list in SharePoint.


If anyone else show with screenshots even better!





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I do not have the time to go into the detail you want, but can give you the steps that should help you.


1. You create a list in Sharepoint, and then let Powerapp generate a form based on it (in Powerapps insert Form Edit and connect it to the Sharepoint List so Powerapps generates the Datacards.


2. Change the form's FormMode from New to Edit.


3. In the OnStart Attribute for the Screen, set a command format: Set(Recordlookup,Param("List_ID"))


Where Recordlookup is a variable we are setting here to identify the line for the form.


And List_ID is a string to identify the line and feed it to the form. More later.


4. Now select your form and for the Item Attribute enter: LookUp('MyList', ID=Recordlookup)


Where MyList if the Sharepoint List.


5. Now get the URL for your Powerapp, and launch it using the URL:




Where the address/URL is PowerAppsURL

And Number is the ID (1,2,3 etc) of the record you want to populate the form on opening.


I used flow to trigger my workflow that was triggered by a new record in the list. This allowed me in an email to recipient to include the PowerAppsURL?List_ID=Number address in the email with the ID variable being use to provide the correct address.


Hope this helps.




The app should open with the record with ID that matches the

Iam trying to do the same but for me its not working


By seeing ur post i manage also to open the power app pre-populated with a sharepoint list item . I have one status field in list . If its "Draft" we can able to create/edit the stuff from power app but if its "Under process" or "Approved" we want to make fields disable  for the user. How can i check ?? 

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You can do this by putting an IF statement into the Required property of the DataCard, if 'Draft' the True, 'Under Proces' or 'Approved' then false.


Syntax covered here:

I have followed this to the letter and cannot get it to work. Does anyone know of any more recent posts to do the same thing. Completely stuck with this.

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God bless you guys! It worked for me!

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Glad to hear it.

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I am unable to read value from Param when Sharepoint list custom forms are used.


I get the message "incompatible types for comparison". RecordLookup is text but the ID (from a SharePoint List) is a number. 

How do I resolve this?  Sorted!

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