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[INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?



I'm coming to you because...I need your help. I aspiration is to educate business users, power users and developers about PowerApps. But talking just about raw technical specs is not really stimulating for them. What they need is inspiration.

So instead talking about e.g. PA delegation or HTTP request action I noticed that there is better reaction when I talk about REAL use cases (and I mean it, no leave approvals or other well-known back office scenarios) and wait for people to ask for more "hey, but could you elaborate a bit on the delegation topic?" or "Oh wow, so to achieve this you used this HTTP request action...nice!".


In other words I invite you to kind of inspirational game where both parties (you & me) can get value from.

Let's make some crowdsourced ideas 🙂


My few ideas below. Each idea is on MIT license by default 😉


Helping questions:

- What PowerApp app are you using today?

- What PowerApp app would you use if it would be available?

- Does any of your colleagues mentioned about some problem where an app will fit?




Post app ideas as seperate posts so we could vote for apps using likes 🙂

For the simplicity and structure please follow below guidelines:

Name: [Short Name]
Need: [When would you use such app] 
Inspiration: [What inspired you? Client/Own need/You saw something similar/Expand Boundaries]
Status: [What is the status of such app? Idea/In development/Done]
Behaviour: [Describe app functionalities in bullets]



Oh and please do not focus on how (in terms of possibility) to achieve something - we don't want to flood this topic with discussion if to achieve ABC it's better to use HTTP request on P1 license over SP HTTP request on O365 license etc 🙂


Re: [INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?

Name: Translated documents library
Need: I want to translate a docx or pptx to any language.
Inspiration: Client
Status: Done

  • In PA app I can select document and pick languages it should be translated to
  • I'm notified once such translation has been done
  • From the app I can list all the document translations and open any of them in a browser.

Re: [INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?

Name: Turn on/off my virtual machines from PowerApp
Need: Manual VM managament to save costs - Sometimes I forget to turnoff/logout from my computer. I want to do this remotely.
Inspiration: Expand boundaries
Status: Idea

  • check turn on/off state of any VMs and connected PC
  • Turn on/off any of machines

Re: [INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?

Name: Post postman
Need: I want to write simple post and share it with one click on Sharepoint, Facebook and Twitter.
Inspiration: Own need
Status: In development

  • I can add Title and rich content
  • I can set publish date
  • I can list my blog posts - published and drafts as well.
Level 10

Re: [INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?

Thanks for creating this post @Mike_Guzowski!



Level 8

Re: [INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?

Name: Event Hub
Need: To organise an event and track bookings, or as an attendee: to know what's happening a book a place
Inspiration: We used to have a custom solution in SharePoint on-prem. Spent a year without a replacement, and it was deserately missed!
Status: Done, but constantly evolving

  • Lets anyone add events, with approval.
  • Let's people book, and adds straight to their calendar (cancelling also removes the calendar entry)
  • Keeps track of capacity. When event is full people can register interest and be notified if someone cancels.
  • Events are searchable, filterable (eg by location), taggable, and can be private
  • Notifications sent via email with a hyperlink back to the specific event using querystrings

Re: [INSPIRATION GAME] What kind of app will be really useful for you?

Name: Open Office Booking
Need: As a team leader my team expects me to keep some office hours opened for them in a constant manner. Alternatively, as soon as guest access will come to play I want my customers to have easy way to book me a meeting when they can be sure I have an open slot for customers meeting.
Inspiration: My inspiration was a combination of internal needs and 3rd party applications like YouCanBookMe
Status: Idea

  • User A can select in his calendar open office hours
  • User B can see which 30 minutes slots of the Open Office Hours of the User A are available
  • User B can book an available 30 minutes slot (in OOH time frames) for a meeting with User A

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