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Image Gallery Working in Desktop but not Mobile



I have a fairly big PowerApps project I'm working on.  One of the requirements is for the user to be able to take images and store them somewhere (preferably SharePoint) then be able to see a gallery of all images taken to view/edit/delete.  I thought I had everything working beautifully. I ran through numerous tests on Desktop and it worked great until I tested on mobile and realized that while the gallery was physically displaying the items (because I could see the title) the actual image itself wasn't showing up.  Has anyone else experienced this?  

Community Champion
Community Champion

Some questions to get more context:

  • What is the formula for your gallery? 
  • What is the formula for the image box in your gallery?
  • How does the app perform on a web browser vs. mobile?
  • Have you checked permissions for the SharePoint list?
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@aprildunnamThe gallery's datasource, what the formula you used is? I have a similar scenario in my app, not the images uploaded from camera, I created a list in sharepoint, and added images for each item. In my app, Set items of gallery with the list from sharepoint, all images showed well in desktop or mobile.





1.  Yes, I've checked permissions on the SharePoint List and everyone has contribute access

2.  On the web browser/desktop (IE, Chrome, FireFox) the app performs correctly and shows the pictures as expected.  In mobile, I can see it is loading the gallery because I see the Title and Description, however, the image is blank.

3.  I'm not using any formula for hte gallery just showing the items from the datasource


I followed this article:  to surface up the images from a SharePoint Document Library

Advocate V
Advocate V

SharePoint Images Powered Up

Display any image stored anywhere in SharePoint Online, rendered within an app in any resolution / quality as you so desire and highly compressed in size vs. the original image actually stored in SharePoint.


Mobile Video Demo

Desktop Video Demo

I've been trying to make it work for weeks!

We need this. It's perfect! 

I've been using Onedrive for my apps now only because it has the "get thumbnail" option in Flow. Even if it's working, it's super slow. Having the possibility to use a REST API to retrieve a Thumbnail is the way to go! 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Did you ever figure out a solution to seeing your images from your SharePoint Picture Library? I have the same issue doing on? I can see the images on the PowerApp on my desktop when I test but not on my iPhone? 

I have a cleaning company and I have an equipment list and I want to see them on my mobile app?


Thanks in advance for any help with this. I am stuck.

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