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Image column from my SharePoint list in PowerApp form?

Hi there.


I'm trying to create a power app form where end users can input images (which eventually goes through some flows to display in a paginated report). I'm struggling with the use of the "Image" column in sharepoint. When I add the column in Sharepoint it doesn't show up as an available field in PowerApps for me to add into my form. I've searched online but couldn't find a usable solution. Does anyone have any pointers? Appreciate any help!




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The image column was a newer addition to SharePoint online and isn't supported by the SharePoint connector. Workarounds include storing the image as BAse64 text in a text column or saving it to a library and storing a hyperlink to the image in the list.

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Thanks for the workarounds! 

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Sounds like you will have an easier way by the end of the year, with the addition of Lists image controls for Power Apps: MC257468 - Power Apps can now display images from Microsoft Lists - The Unofficial M365 Changelog (m...

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Helper I

This has been in the development for almost a year and keeps changing the GA date every month. Can't rely on this feature for now, but there are other work arounds.

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Power Apps can now display images from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists. This feature has started rolling out to Power Apps preview environments now. Check more details at:  Power Apps can now display images from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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Best Regards,

Ganesh Sanap

Blog site 

Now you can add and use a SharePoint picture field in a Power Apps app. And the image appear when you use the app on phone!

This il due to a roll up of the graph API from 12 march to 31 march. Maybe you must update your Power Apps environnement to benefit.

Hello @ganeshsanap ,


it doesn't work actually.

I used the picture column and even the command in powerapps is listed, but it doesn't show the image.

Picture column:


Powerapps Gallery:


Also the other options like full or small won't working.


Is there a mistake?


I also tried it with the old solution with Hyperlink column to a document library. This one works, but its not what i want to use...


Thanks for your help!

Are you using an established connection or a new connection?  It might just be relying on old code.  Its working for me as you can see from the screenshot below


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##Update 2: See below.


## Update 1: I got myself a coffee and now, the images shows up. So now it only needs about 2-3 minutes, after using it the first time.

Now i will try it in my existing app. Update follows!


I just made a new Test App in another Environment, but with the same result.

So, its a new clean canvas app, new connection,...


I have no Idea.



Update 2:
The difference is, that the Test app is only a normal canvas app, directly connected with sharepoint list.

The normal App is inside a Solution and works with environment variables.


When i made a Collect() inside both apps and let me show the URL to the pictures in a normal text field, i see some differences.

Thats the text:



And here are both URLs. The difference is highlighted.




I think, that's the problem, because it's the only difference i see at the moment.

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