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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

Thanks @MFischer


I made a change (clarification) to that blog late yesterday wherein I did actually articulate how you can add additional field(s) to be returned by Flow. In the demo Flow I added original "size" of the file to the information returned. That said, I equally had (and still do have) challenges returning other properties as the Flow seems to fail should any items in the document library not have that specific property. For example, if my any of my images didn't have the Title populated, the Flow would fail trying to extract that value from the array. Seems I am not the only one per this thread...


It is also a little tricky to get to the other fields you want. I managed to add 'size' by using the syntax 'item().size', however I got stuck trying to adding the Image facet properties as I wanted to also display the original image width and height in the app. Eventually I gave up. I am nonetheless certain it's possible, it was simply taking too much time!


Wrt the size the thumbnail, that was also something I clarified yesterday in the subsequent updates to the blog (right at the end of the blog), to quote:

  • The other change I made was to the formula of the Thumbnail property:
    “if(empty(item()[‘thumbnails’]),”, replace(item()[‘thumbnails’][0][‘large’][‘url’], ‘width=800&height=800’, ‘width={width}’ ))”
  • What I have also done for the demo solution is Replace the default width & height properties of each large thumbnail URL returned [800×800] with a placeholder {width} instead, following which in my demo app I use the Substitute function such that I am actually in no way limited to a particular size. In essence the size of thumbnail requested is thus irrelevant!"

"Unless" v2.0 of the Graph APIs change for this, you can in essence decide, irrespective of what size thumbnail you may have requested, to substitute the width and / or height of the URLs returned by the Graph API call with whatever size rendition you would like.


Per the demo in my blog, I completely dropped the height property and only specify with {width} placeholder value within the flow. That way within your app you can genuinely could give users a slider to specify what quality they want to see the images, anywhere between 1px - 6000px+. I was able to successful render a 50MB photo as a 5kb 150px thumbnail and with the same URL returned from Graph replacing the width such that a 0.5MB 6000px super high quality renditition of the same photo is displaying, using a slider control.


The term thumbnail when seen in this context isn't actually a thumbnail at all 😉.


In terms of scaling, I have uploaded around 200 photos (each 1MB+) to a document library in SharePoint and I had no problem rendering all 200 of thumbnail renditions of those photos in a Gallery in a web browser. However for some reason that same app crashes on my iPhone X, but not on an old iPhone 5S. Perhaps a minor bug somewhere as both phones are running the same release of the PowerApps client.


I am dabbling with next version of the demo app LOL. Technically v3, as my latest blog is v2, v1 being leveraging the SharePoint RenderListDataAsStream API. Leveraging the Graph API is far better for many reasons. The SharePoint RenderListDataAsStream API is intentially not well documented as it is primarily intended for first-class products (such as SharePoint Online) and less secure.


In v3 I may showcase how to convert document stored in SharePoint to PDFs generated on the fly leveraging the Graph API. I had this freaking working, but I forgot how 🤣.


v3 Prototype Demo - YouTube

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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

Hi, the issue is resolved or not yet please tell me.

MasterOffice365 Advocate II
Advocate II

Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

V2 of the app (3rd blog in series) per my latest blog "Leveraging Graph APIs in PowerApps & Flow – PDFs" showcases how you can render thumbnail images of for example Word & PowerPoint documents and then on-the-fly convert those same documents to PDFs within your apps.


Demo of app shared on YouTube...


Disclaimer: This technique didn't work for Excel documents for me at least. 

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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

Hi, I am having a simillar issue in my app. Users can take pictures which is stored to a collection within the app. The user can then view the picture on IE/Chrome but not on a mobile device.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

It is now nearly two years later and the same issue is happening.  Exactly how active is this investigation?

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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

+1 !

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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

Same here. I can see images stored in a sharepoint list in the power apps designer but not when i run the mobile app or any other browser than chrome. with the images' url which i provide for the image control i can see the image also on a mobile browser. It's just not loading within the app when using any other player beside chrome desktop.

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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

Hi, I've been having a similar problem within my own application and I've solved it in one way but there is a downside to this method that is I've hit a delegation warning, so for large image sets it won't work.


To give this solution some context, I have two sharepoint list, 1-List of Projects, 2-List of Image Files. List 1 has various image columns (set as hyperlinks) associated with the project that provide links to List 2. They're set as hyperlinks so they can be updated from within Power Apps. I had a gallery of List 1, with an image from say column 'proj-img' which is a hyperlink and this would display fine on Chrome browser but not on mobile Android/IOS. If I set 'proj_img' to image instead of hyperlink, it displays fine on mobile but I can't update it which is more critical.


Now they way I got round this was after looking at a post that you can display images if you set your gallery to List2 the images and Chakkaradeep post on youtube


I created a gallery based on List 2 showing my images, and this displays the images on mobile. This is great but not much good as it's just a list of all the files. The clever bit was to nest this "Image Gallery" in my List1 Gallery, setting:


Gallery Items:

Filter(ImageList,"" & 'File name with extension'=ThisItem.proj-img)


Image within Image Gallery:




There's a better way of doing this and that's set your image to:


First(Filter(ImageList,"https://XXX/sites/XXX/ImageList/" & 'File name with extension'=Gallery.Selected.proj-img)).Thumbnail.Medium


For me then I got my list of projects with associated images to work on mobile and chrome. However 'File name with extension' can't be delegated leading to a warning, which is going to give me problems soon, if anyone has any ideas on how to overcome this? (My Image database is going to be in 1000s)


WarrenBelz Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE

@TokyoDrifter , @Maltener @LuckyDuck ,

Please read this post of mine - we display hundreds of full-screen photos from SharePoint Libraries on iPads every day. If you really want them blown up further, put a button with


and it will open the file in SharePoint.


Please click Accept as solution if my post helped you solve your issue. This will help others find it more readily. It also closes the item. If the content was useful in other ways, please consider giving it Thumbs Up.

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Re: Image does not display in Mobile apps & IE



In my case I did a mistake when accessing the images from the attachment column in the sharepoint list. I set the image control's source to the AbsoluteUri property of the attached image. This worked during development and of cource in the chrome desktop browser since I was logged in at powerapps. So accessing the AbsoluteUri was not a problem. As soon as another browser or device was used, the app couldn't access the Image anymore. Then I changed the image control's source to the Value property of the sharepoint list item's attachment. That worked with every scenario it had not with the AbsoluteUri property.


I couldn't find detailed information about the properties of an attachment linked to a sharepoint list item but I guess - also from what I see when comparing the Value content with the AbsoluteUri - the Value contains the image's content rather than an address to the content. Is that correct? I obviously don't really get what's behind the Value property :).

This was subject in some posts in this thread:

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