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Import/Export Packages - Imported Package Kills the Editor

I need multiple versions of an app. Didn't want to create the app from scratch, so.....


I tried to make a "copy" of an app. Restored it as a new app. Took pages I didn't need out of this new app and the editor shuts down with:


WebAuthoring abnormal termination.
Client date/time: 2017-11-30T18:30:10.471Z
Version: 2.0.722 (v2.0.722.59303766)
Session ID: b409594e-cc82-8d7e-e858-6545d213cd00
description: {"error":{"isTrusted":true,"detail":{"exception":{}},"message":"Uncaught AppMagic.Runtime.App.NamedObjectNotFoundError: The named object 'Button2_2' could not be found in the runtime.","filename":" named object 'Button2_2' could not be found in the runtime.","name":"AppMagic.Runtime.App.NamedObjectNotFoundError","namedObjectName":"Button2_2"},"NONE":0,"CAPTURING_PHASE":1,"AT_TARGET":2,"BUBBLING_PHASE":3,"type":"error","target":"[window]","currentTarget":"[window]","eventPhase":2,"bubbles":false,"cancelable":true,"defaultPrevented":false,"composed":false,"timeStamp":42878.73,"srcElement":"[window]","returnValue":true,"cancelBubble":false,"path":["[window]"],"composedPath":"[function]","stopPropagation":"[function]","stopImmediatePropagation":"[function]","preventDefault":"[function]","initEvent":"[function]"},"errorLine":253,"errorCharacter":21,"errorUrl":" AppMagic.Runtime.App.NamedObjectNotFoundError: The named object 'Button2_2' could not be found in the runtime.","setPromise":"[function]","exception":{}}
stack: null
errorNumber: 0
errorMessage: Uncaught AppMagic.Runtime.App.NamedObjectNotFoundError: The named object 'Button2_2' could not be found in the runtime.


Hi pfg123,


It looks like the issue arises when the runtime expects to find a Button2_2, but fails. I'm guessing that one of the screens you removed had the control Button2_2, and there is an issue removing it.


If you would be comfortable sharing the package and repro steps, that would be the most effective way to help debug the issue. Otherwise, I would try finding and removing Button2_2 manually before deleting the page it is on, and see if this causes the same issue.

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Yeah, I just UNGROUPED  everything from the last page backwarss then deleted everything form each page backward. This takes so much time that it is not worh doing. Is there any other way to VERSION "code" or layouts or groups of controls?

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