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Import Package - What does the Black X symbol mean?

I am trying to Import a package.

I am seeing a load of Red warnings.

The first one, I have tried editing from Update to Create as New, but it does not retain my changes?

import package probs.PNG


I have edited it a) by clicking the black X icon. Every time I re-open it, it has reverted to Update again, and

b) by clicking the Spanner icon. Same thing happens.

Isn't it meant to be green before I can proceed?




An "X" on each row of the Import Package page, means each row needs to be set up.


It does not mean there is an error, it does not mean you exported a package incorrectly, it does not mean that you must give up, and that there is something wrong you did and it does not mean that you must go export the package with some unknown step from somewhere else (though it may look like it on first glance).


There is something specific you must do on this page for each row.


It may look like at first glance you can't do anything on the page, but you actually must do something specific on this page.


First, you must click on the blue "Create as New" link (under Import Setup column). If it says "Update" instead of "Create as New", then click "Update" - just click whatever it says there.


A flyout menu should open on the right side.


Then, you select the value you want from a dropdown on this flyout menu (usually two options - Update or Create as New) and if Create as New is selected, then provide a new, Unique name in an input field when prompted - if Update is selected instead, then select the existing app from the list you should be prompted with. If Update does not give any list, then it means the app does not exist on the system - in this case you must use Create as New and must provide a name if the list for the Update option is empty.


The gray X should change to something else when finished.


Them you repeat the above for any remaining rows with gray X on it.


When all gray X's are gone, "Import" button should be no longer greyed out.


After the above is done, scroll all the way down. The "Import" button should be grayed out and not available for pressing as long as any row in the Import screen as a Gray "X"


When there are no more Gray "X" rows and all of the above has been done for each row on this page - the Import button should then become available to press.


See if the above helps.

We think that you do bring up an interesting point - if you do not know this, it is possible to theoretically become "stuck" on this screen and think it doesn't do anything.


We hope the above may help you resolve this.


Also keep in mind. When you click on the link and you select the value you want (Update or Create as New), a flyoutmenu comes from the right - if Create as New is selected, you also should provide a new, Unique name where prompted on the flyout menu - if Update is selected, select the existing app from the list shown in the flyout menu. It is possible if you just provide the name or just change it back and forth from Update to Create as New, this is equivalent to not doing anything - you also have to provide a unique name in the input field in the flyout menu (if Create as New is chosen) or select app from flyout menu (if Update is chosen).


Also please note this:


In the flyout, if Update does not give any list, then it means the app does not exist on the system - in this case you must use Create as New and must provide a name if the list for the Update option is empty. Otherwise you may still get the gray X. You must use Create as New if the app does not exist. This setting does not have to be necessarily correct when exporting the app (that just decides what's selected by default in this Import screen) - it has to actually be chosen when Importing the app. Even when importing the app, the link still may need to be clicked so as to provide the unique name from the flyout during Import, so setting it to Create as New during export may or may not necessarily mean that you can skip this step during import. During import you must click the blue link (whether it says Create as New or Update) then provide unique name (for Create as New) or select from list (for Update)


If the app does not already exist on the target system, do not use Update - if you select it, see an empty list, and then just leave the flyout, that may be why you still get the gray X.


Instead, click on the blue text (it usually either says Update or Create as New), and from the dropdown in the flyout menu, select Create as New and make sure to provide a name when prompted from the flyout.


If it turns into a "red warning" - it meand you did it right. Make sure all the rows have no Gray X and have the red icon - to do this, repeat the above for all the rows present on the Import screen, such as any Connections for instance. For a connection, if you use create as new, you must use the flyout and follow the wizard (i.e. such as by clicking the New button in the flyout) to create a connection for each one - don't just say Create as New for connection and then just leave the flyout menu, or else you may get the Gray X again because nothing was being set up there. For Connection if you select Update, make sure to select the existing connection. If the app has never been here, you probably need to select Create as New for each Connection as well and use the wizard from flyout to set up the connection. 


For any Flows that come with this PowerApp, the idea is similar to the above - if the Flow was never there (or if it is but don't want to overwrite it), the Create as New should be selected. If the Flow has never existed, you must select Create as New just like for the app.


Once all of the above is correct, all rows should have red icon - then Import should no longer be grayed out - at this point, press Import to import the app and associated resources!



This may sound really bizarre at first glance, but a "red warning icon" on this screen actually means it is correctly set up. It likely does not mean there is an error. It is a Gray X that means you cannot continue and you need to select something. "Red Warning" means it is probably correct.


It changes from gray X to that red warning icon, to actually tell you that you did it correctly.


When all rows have a red warning, the Import button all the way at the bottom becomes available for pressing.


When any row has a gray X, the Import button is NOT available for pressing.


Your goal is to get all rows to have a "red warning icon" as you are saying to get the Import button on the bottom of page to be available / enabled - then you press the Import button once it is enabled.


When you have gotten all rows on this page to no longer have a Gray X but instead a "Red Warning Icon" - that opens up the Import button and that means you are doing it right!


Make everything get a "red warning" then press Import at the bottom.


Check if this helps as well.

I ran my Import and everything works as expected. Everything seems to work exactly opposite to how you described.

When I began the Import screen showed mostly these red symbols:


The Import button was Gray and disabled.

Only when I had clicked each blue link & did something did I get the Black X.

Only when I had all Black X did the Import button become enabled.



Everything works as expected, but under Apps > StockTakeApp> Flows says there are no flows used in this app. They are there and it is using them!







Yes, it is correct, it would be when all are gray X. We are making the free responses here very quick and the accuracy is not guaranteed, response from our end is only intended as general guidelines and it may or may not be accurate, so you should check the exact accuracy.


Yes you are right, it is other way around. You are right here. Other than that we believe our response was otherwise accurate.


About your "missing Flow":


To find the Flow, as admin (or ask admin) try to go to

Go to Resources

Go to Flows

See if it's in there.


Or try (and go to My Flows see if it is there.


It sometimes is missing from that part of UI you showed, but it should have been imported.

It may appear there after some time has passed.





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