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Importing Power Platform Solution Error: unprocessed files found

Hi all,

I've been struggling with the importing of a Power Platform solution that consists on the following.



When importing this unmanaged solution into my UAT environment using any methods (manual import, the Power Platform CLI, Azure DevOps) everything works fine.


When importing this unmanaged solution into my PROD environment using any methods (manual import, the Power Platform CLI, Azure DevOps) I'm facing an error.


Using both the Power Platform CLI and Azure DevOps Pipelines I get: 


Unprocessed files found: /environmentvariabledefinitions/bia_ONOFFFlow_AccessEndpoint/environmentvariablevalues.json, /environmentvariabledefinitions/bia_ONOFFFlow_Signature/environmentvariablevalues.json, /environmentvariabledefinitions/bia_SendToEmail/environmentvariablevalues.json



Using a manual import in the classic view (the modern view gives my a non-descriptive error) I get the error, which is logged in the attached xlsx file. 


I all three cases the error points the same thing, some unprocessed files, that refer to my environment variables. In the production environment this variables don't exist yet. 


It's worth pointing out that when using CLI and DevOps, I'm using a deployment settings json file that has the variable values for that specific environment.


Thanks in advance,



Regular Visitor

Did you sort it?

Difficult to comment across 2 environments, especially with unmanaged. 
I've been doing a fair bit of solution moving recently and using a sandbox to reset environments is handy.
Have you tried importing as managed?
Obviously the Env Variables don't exist yest in Prod if you never imported but you must have a idea as to what the variables and files refer to in your dependency schedule.  

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Yep, forgot to upload my resolution. What I ended up doing was deleting those environment variables that were causing the problems. After doing so, the issue was solved. 

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