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Hi, I have an application that is used by various areas. Mainly sales and warehouse.

I have a sharepoint list that is used for ordering. Sellers create a new order and this must be filled in the warehouse and marked as finished (as well as the start and end time it was made).

We currently use a shared Excel in Teams and we can all see and edit it. But I need it in SharePoint to connect to powerBI and to standardize the information.

I want to make the display of orders simple for the warehouse, perhaps that only the orders of the day will be shown and that they have not been made.

Or something more dynamic than what I currently have (A gallery):

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The best way to achieve your goal is to build the formula piece by piece.  Start with the Items property 

Sort(Search(Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio3.Selected.Result && Fecha<=DatePicker1.SelectedDate);TextInput1.Text;"nwind_shipname");PedidoDiario;Descending)

Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio3.Selected.Result)  // you probably need to change the name of Radio3 to the Radio# of your control.  

If that works, then add the datepicker part

Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio3.Selected.Result && Text(Fecha; ShortDate)=Text(Datepicker1.SelectedDate; ShortDate))

Then add the Search(

Search(Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio3.Selected.Result && Text(Fecha, ShortDate)=Text(Datepicker1.SelectedDate; ShortDate)), Textinput1.Text; "vendedor")

And if that works, then add the Sort(

Sort(Search(Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio3.Selected.Result && Text(Fecha, ShortDate)=Text(Datepicker1.SelectedDate; ShortDate)), Textinput1.Text; "vendedor");PedidoDiario;Descending)

If you want to eat an elephant, you cannot do it all at once, you must eat it piece by piece.


*Also, you may want to use a Gallery control with the items aligned side to side like in the datatable instead of using the datatable control. Sometimes it is easier to work with a Gallery than a datatable.  

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You must make both sides of the equation match.  It depends on how the Fecha column is formatted in SharePoint and whether it matches the format of the DatePicker in PowerApps. Formatting both sides should force them to match.

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PowerApps does not give me the option of DatePicker1.


In the same way I share how it is configured in sharepoint.



This does work, the rest does not:

The control is Datepicker.  You need to click on the one on your screen and find out its name. Annotation 2020-05-29 122407.png

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@Drrickryp What a shame!
Instead of the datepicker I was using the combobox.

I have already made these corrections and it does not show me any errors, however, it does not show me any information either.

I closed and opened the application to see if this worked, and the only thing that changed is that now the ratio button has 3 options.

you're not angry with me, right?Sort(Search(Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio1.Selected.Result && Text(Fecha; ShortDate)=Text(DatePicker1.SelectedDate; ShortDate)); TextInput1.Text; "Title");PedidoDiario;Descending)Sort(Search(Filter(colPedidos;PedidoRealizado=Radio1.Selected.Result && Text(Fecha; ShortDate)=Text(DatePicker1.SelectedDate; ShortDate)); TextInput1.Text; "Title");PedidoDiario;Descending)


I think we are very close now.  First, lets fix the Radio control.  You must have one of the "false" entries in your list that probably has a space after it so it is being read as a different value.  Check the data in the list for that if you can find it and fix it.  Then, set the Default property of the radio control as "true".   

Then, just for a test, set the formula regarding the DatePicker as <= rather than = to see if all the data fills the data table. 

Finally, make sure the Text property of the TextInput control is "".  Make the Hint property of that control "Find Order".  

Hopefully then, your table will fill with data. Let me know if you still have a problem. 

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Well done, finally this works!


Just my first column about date, only show true. 

Can it be changed?




I will need to see your current Items formula for the datatable. 

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This is the best formula and is in full operation ... All thanks to you:


I only replace in the data column the formula to ThisItem.Fecha


Is exactly what i was looking for!!!!
Again, thanks for your patience and help.

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@Drrickryp Hi.... again,

At the time of passing it from test to action, I found the following detail


When I mark the order as done in the Form, it is filtered in the DataTable (That's OK!). Because the data source of the Form is the collection, however this does not reflect it to the database (sharepoint list).

If the form changes the origin to my sharepoint list, it marks the following error (There are conflicts with server changes. Reload, Server response; Orders Error: ETAG mismatch.clientRequestId: ……) .Its register the information in SharePoint, but do not filter the order in the data table


Is it possible that once the order is placed the change will be reflected in sharepoint and filtered in the data table?

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