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Advocate III
Advocate III

Improved app rendering issues

I received banner message asking me to try using the improved app rendering. When activating this feature the combo boxes don't align correctly and do not allow me to select an option using the web player. The other issue I am experiencing while using the improved app rendering feature is the options inside the  list box control are not displaying. Switching back to classic rendering fixes both issues.

Unable to select an employeeUnable to select an employee

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Thanks for taking care of the issue.


I just did a copy of one of my project from PowerApps.  To try the switching back to classing rendering.  It didn't fix the issue.



Community Champion
Community Champion



  • This issue appeared with App Rendering OFF. Has never been ON with this app (afaik)
  • Session ID: 6a175ef3-bed0-4ed3-a607-70d698a90cac
    PowerApps 3.18094.26



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

@CWesener @FilipK Thanks for responding to this issue. There are a number of issues that switching to classic rendering fixes. Many things involving motion, be it scrolling a gallery to an animated menu coming in from offscreen, as well as the components involved, such as the items in a gallery, don't work well with the improved rendering. I would be happy to provide examples if needed, including screenshots.


If you search the forums for "render" you will find a number of threads discussing these issues. In most cases, simply turning off the improved rendering solves the problem. With the message popping up in the web studio that improved app rendering is going to be the only app rendering, you may be seeing many, many more of these threads. And when that change goes live, I wager you will see even more. Smiley Happy


If there could be some guidance as to best practices for the new rendering, it would be very helpful as many of us are not doing anything abnormal; we are just trying to add components to apps. If a change in the app building process is needed, getting that information could save a lot of future headaches for your teams and us as well.


Again, thank you for looking into this. It is appreciated!


*small edit for accuracy as this particular issue isn't one I am having*

Community Champion
Community Champion

Troubleshooting a bit more here: 

  • My colleague exported the app in question and imported it as a new app
  • NOTE: Improved Rendering is "OFF" by default in the new app, yet the banner message ("Improved rendering...) is still displayed
  • Left this setting "OFF"
  • Problem still persists
  • Switched Improved Rendering "ON"
  • Save
  • Close
  • Open
  • Problem still persists


Another Issue we're having concurrently with this one: 

  • App is "stuck" ~1/4 of the way off screen. 
  • Zoom in/out does not solve
  • Have to min/max the browser (Chrome) window to clear the issue
  • 2018-10-09_9-32-34.png

Hello @CWesener. Is there any update on this issue?


Will we have to push the release of our application out or will this be fixed by EOD CST?


Thank you

@ericonline - our team are investigating and I have raised an incident interally to track - as soon as I have an ETA or update we will respond on this thread.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Got it. Thank you.


We're fully invested as well. If you need additional testing, Session ID's, etc., just holler.

Power Apps
Power Apps

There is a bug in Studio 3.18094 when Improved App Rendering is disabled where the ComboBox drop down doesn't correctly render adjacent to the control.  This should not affect Studio when Improved App Rendering is enabled or Players in both modes.  This has been fixed in version 3.18101 which is currently deploying worldwide; deployment is expected to compete by Thurday for all regions.


@jlister @systemcrash @ericonline When you enabled (or disabled) Improved app rendering, did you close and re-load the app?  This is required when switching between Classic Mode and Improved App Rendering Mode, or vice versa.


@ericonline Can you confirm that the ComboBox drop down issue persists when enabled Improved App Rendering, saving, close, and re-loading the app?  We have not been able to reproduce the bug when these steps are taken.




Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello @_Corey_and thanks for the prompt update. 


Issue is partially fixed as can be seen below. 


Windows 10, Chrome


In IDE: Not fixed

  • Save, Publish, Close App
  • Delete 7 Days History from Chrome
  • Close Chrome
  • Reopen Chrome
  • Banner Displayed
  • issue1.png
  • File, App Settings, Advanced Rendering is "OFF"
  • issue2.png
  • Issue still persists:
  • issue4.png

In IDE Preview: Not fixed

  • issue3.png


In Web Player: Fixed

  • Combobox works as intended


iPhone SE, iOS 11.4

On Mobile: Fixed

  • Combobox works as intended

@_Corey_same results with Enhanced Rendering turned "ON"

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