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Improved app rendering issues

I received banner message asking me to try using the improved app rendering. When activating this feature the combo boxes don't align correctly and do not allow me to select an option using the web player. The other issue I am experiencing while using the improved app rendering feature is the options inside the  list box control are not displaying. Switching back to classic rendering fixes both issues.

Unable to select an employeeUnable to select an employee

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Just a heads up @_Corey_, the issue with comboboxes and not being able to select items is CHROME-specific. I just tried in IE 11 and I'm able to select values. 

@_Corey_ and..... now I've lost the ability to select things from comboboxes in IDE preview, in Internet Explorer.... Worked for about an hour! Frustrating.

@ericonline I understand your frustration.  Studio 3.18111 has begun world-wide deployment--it will likely hit US regions tomorrow.


If you require an immediate workaround, I can propose the following for Chrome:  

1) Open DevTools (F12) (DevTools must remain open for this to work)

2) Under the Sources tab, open (Ctrl-P) AppMagic.Authoring.js; click Pretty print { } at the bottom-left of the source window

3) Around line 1852, you will see a line that reads "e.stopPropagation()" under "ko.bindingHandlers.suppressEventPropagation -> update -> ... -> addEventListener"

4) Add a breakpoint on this line with the following condition: e = { stopPropagation: function(){} } && false

5) Try making ComboBox flyout selections--this should work now!

Thanks for the details! I'm up for an adventure 🙂 This is my first time doing anything meaningful with Chrome Dev Tools, so beware!

For those looking to follow similar steps to debug PowerApps javascript issues, here are some additional steps I needed in order to get things moving:

1) Open DevTools (F12  CTRL+SHIFT+I) (DevTools must remain open for this to work)


4) Add a breakpoint on this line with the following condition: e = { stopPropagation: function(){} } && false

    4.a: To add a conditional breakpoint, right click the line number (1852 in this case) click Edit Breakpoint.

The system stops when a combobox is selected. Trying the pause icon doesn't seem to get me going anywhere. No biggie, I'm likely doing something incorrect. I'll look forward to the fix hitting the studio soon.


You may want to try wrapping part of the condition in paranthesis:  (e = { stopPropagation: function(){} }) && false

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@_Corey_ If I am reading this thread right, then my issue with improved rendering should be fixed soon. I am having an issue with my detail screen. When i go into a persons details the text will be jumbled up. Also, the pictures do not show sometimes. I have hide field if field is blank enabled on my detail screen. I have turned off improved rendering and it is now working perfectly. Can you let me know if this will be fixed soon. I have attached two screenshots of my issues.



@Laureverett When was the last time your app was republished with improved app rendering enabled?  A fix for the bug you describe was released at the end of last week.  However, we are aware of some cases where the fix was not sufficient.  If the problem still persists, I encourage you to jump into this thread here since it is more relevant than this one.

I can verify that the scrolling issue is now gone on my end. Thanks 🙂

@WilliamVingaard Great! I'm gald to hear. 🙂


@SilverK@jlister@PatrickOToole PowerApps Web Studio version 3.18111 was successfully deployed at the end of last week.  ComboBox selection should now be fully functional in both classic rendering and improved rendering modes.

Indeed it has fixed the issue. Thank you!

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