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Improved app rendering issues

I received banner message asking me to try using the improved app rendering. When activating this feature the combo boxes don't align correctly and do not allow me to select an option using the web player. The other issue I am experiencing while using the improved app rendering feature is the options inside the  list box control are not displaying. Switching back to classic rendering fixes both issues.

Unable to select an employeeUnable to select an employee

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@bhayden If it is not already, please ensure the Use longer data cache timeout and background refresh setting is disabled in App settings -> Advanced settings.


I did notice this was enabled on one of my main apps.

I will test it to see if there are any improvements.


Thank you,

Frequent Visitor

@_Corey_is what I am seeing also a result of a memory issue and thus resolved after 10/21?  


I have a checklist app that I have created.  It is loading a list of 25 questions from a sharepoint list of around 70 entries.  When under classic mode it renders perfectly, but when it is switched to Improved Rendering (which seems to be happening automatically now) the scrolling from my IOS device causes the gallery items to disappear and also only shows 14 of the 25 gallery items. 

@Tacsi The fix for missing items in ComboBox drop-downs has been deployed to all production regions with Studio release 3.19101.  You will need to edit and re-publish your app(s) for the changes to take effect.


@rliles Your gallery issue sounds unrelated to the memory fixes in 3.19094.  Can you provide more info + screen shots?  Also, if you set label to CountRows(Gallery.AllItems), does it correctly display 25? or only the 14 that you see?

Sure @_Corey_   I have included 3 pictures from my IPhone.  The first shows how it is displayed in Classic Rendering, the other 2 show what happens when I use improved render.  Obviosuly the formatting is different (less appealing) and data is disappearting.  You can see from the top of the screenshots where the countrows shows the proper amount of 25.

Thanks @_Corey_ 

Frequent Visitor

@_Corey_This still isn't working and it looks like I no longer have the option to choose classic mode.  Was it fully removed?  I really need a solution to this so I don't negatively impact the users by publishing not under classic mode.

@rliles So that I understand, you are using a variable-height gallery with the following children: auto-height label (text), 2 regular labels (id, media items), radio button set, checkbox, icon (camera), and rectangle for the background?  Did I miss anything?  Which controls have their Y values dependent upon the height of the main text label?


In the meantime, you can use this direct link to edit your app in classic rendering:

If you have already upgraded your app, you may need to restore it to this version (or earlier, if your app was never saved with this version).

Thanks @_Corey_ For now I have removed the variable height gallery and replaced it with a fixed height.  Everything else is exactly the same and I do not see this behavior.  This appears to be a bug within the variable height gallery.  Are you seeing the same?

@rliles We haven't seen this issue specifically.  We are aware of some performance issues with variable-height gallery that are on our road-map to fix.  I am trying to understand your specific case as to why it is rendering so differently.  We expect the variable-height gallery to render almost pixel perfect with the classic gallery.

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