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Helper I
Helper I

In Gallery, Validate on control based on another control.

In a gallery (galItems), there is a dropdownlist (ddlStatus) for Status (Pass, Fail, Ignore), and a textbox (txtComments) field. If the Status="Fail", the Comments field cannot be blank. 


What is the PowerApps way to implement this validation when a Save button is selected?


This page doesn't really provide enough information nor good examples: Validate function in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Super User
Super User

You can't actually 'require' fields in Power Apps.    What you can do is a workaround.    I am going to give an example that presumes your save button is in the individual gallery item.


Add a 10 x 10 label with an Asterisk in it (red color) and put it to the right or left of your comment field in the gallery.   Set it's visible property to:

ddlStatus.selected.XXX = "Fail" && IsBlank(txtComments)


Follow the same logic and set the displaymode property of the save button to view.


  ddlStatus.Selected.XXX = "Fail" && IsBlank(txtComments), DisplayMode.View, DisplayMode.Edit


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Community Support
Community Support


Do you want to validate the status and comments field when you submit?

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?


Firstly, you should put a validation within the Comments field by setting the HintText text input as below:

If(ddlStatus.Selected.Value="Fail"&& IsBlank(TextInput1.Text),"Here should have inputs!","")

Set the save button OnSelect property as below:

If(!IsBlank(TextInput1.HintText),Notify("Comments field cannot be blank, please fill in!",Error))
Best Regards,
Helper I
Helper I

Here's what I did...


In txtComments.Fill: 
If(ddlResult.Selected.Value = "At Risk" && IsBlank(txtComments),
RGBA(255, 0, 0, 1),
RGBA(255, 255, 255, 1)


In btnSubmit.OnSelect: 


Notify("At Risk items must have a comment. Please update " & varValidationCnt & " row(s)"),
If(CountRows(colObsItems) > 0,
Patch('MySharePointListName', colObsItems);
Notify(CountRows(colObsItems) &
" detail item(s) were saved", NotificationType.Information);

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