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Instant app loading when in offline mode.



Is there a way to load apps instantly when in offline mode based on connection status?


At present PowerApps logo is displayed followed by a spinning circle before the app loads. Loading time is not acceptable when connection is not available.

End result should be an option to configure app to load instantly and display connection status without going to the internet by default. Connecting via network should be optionally configurable to only happen via button press similar to how there is "refresh data" from datasource button in PowerApps Studio.


Other quesions:

- Does CDM come with offline app fuctionality? An example would be helpful?

- As indicated in other posts, official offline support is in the backlog. This is a highly requested feature and is in top 3 on idea board. When could we expect the release?


Clarification is much appreciated.


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Community Champion



Allow my personal view:

1. Currrently, PowerApps needs workmail or schoolmail sign-in (Unlike Project Siena) and datasource loaded are cloud-based, hence offline is impossible here.

[Data connection in productivity world are basically interneet connected unless on LAN]

2. Refresh Data maybe triggered using REFRESH function of the designated datasources (Table of Excel ot Entity of CDM) with internet connection


CDM is still in the very initial stage (2 weeks). I am sure more features will come.

However, as a data container, Apps can only connect to CDM via internet connection remotely unless otherwise data are encrypted and loaded / saved locally. But then, it doesn;t serve the Data-Security purpose as of the main functions of Azure Services.


If you are subscribing to EXCEL 2016, you can have data exported to Excel, saved and, with Microsoft PowerApps Add-in function, data can be syncd (Refresh to Excel from Apps  or even Publish to Apps from Excel), when your PC?Tablet is online.


Hope this helps prior to PG Team's reply.

Have a nice day.


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thanks for your persepctive.

I realise that data sources are cloud based. However, firstly, static can be added and are not cloud based. Secondly, even a data source is cloud based, it does not need to be accessed on launch. I am looking for a way to configure the app to access the net manually(or based on connection status) while instantly loading static data saved within the app.


Powerapps staff,


Features relevant to this topic appear to be acknowledged and voting closed:

- Make launching faster

- Offline mode


Please give an idea of when to expect these features to be completed. Q3? Q4? or Q1 next year?

Going by what microsoft is doing lately, exposing 6-12 months of dev cycle should not be a problem.




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