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Interactive office map

Ok so I would love to create an interactive office floor plan where you can search for a member of staff/ room/ equipement, and have it display on the map with information.


There are some applications like this you can purchase (e.g. but having one in PowerApps would be even better to intergrate with SharePoint and have as a mobile app etc.


Obviously it would need to connect to Active Directory/ Office 365 users. And I have copies of the floor plans so don't need to use Google or Bing maps. So if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to start - i'm sure many others would like something like this for this organisation!


Thanks @Anonymous . I forgot to come back and update on this.


So for my issue i managed to get sorted out. Originally i was using multiple colored rectangles to overlay the map locations. They would be hidden and made visible based on the person selected. 

I changed from this to a single rectangle gallery overlay that moves position based on the x and y coords defined in the selected persons record. 

To fix the skew of the box not overlaying with the image correctly was a little work but got it working correctly. When adding in the gallery i noticed that the gallery container has another container inside it. This can been seen via a dashed line outline around the container. I had to make sure that this inner container lined up with the main gallery container. There was a little fiddling and adjustment on stored x , y , height and width numbers. But it all turned out nicely. 


Thank you for your suggestions. 

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I have found the best solution to be a third party app as well. The costs are relatively bearable and it would take me a lot more effort to develop this from scratch. Floor Plan Mapper integrates with the Windows Active directory as well as Office 365 Azure AD.





I agree. The cost for a third party apps like Floor Plan Mapper which integrate your floor plans with SharePoint Online, Office 365 or Windows Active Directory is quite low considering the effort you will expend creating your own app.


Code on,


Map Guy

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An interactive office map is quite easy to do in PowerApps tbh, ours feeds off a sharepoint list and office 365 user directory. It requires very little maintenance. As always 3rd party tools will exist but on the basis that this forum is PowerApps it's certainly more than capable of doing it.

Would you happen to have a sample you can share? I'm curious to see your layout.

I've generated my office floorplan and matched coordinates to offices in my canvas without issues. I'm looking to have a search field where you can enter the employee's name and it will zoom in to the employee's office and list their Azure AD info... e-mail, phone extension, etc. 

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We have researched a long time, but unfortunately, the limitations are big with PowerApps and as well even in SharePoint. So we developed an SPFX Web Part where you can upload images of office and floorplans easily, and place your desks, spaces, rooms, etc easily.

Check Out

Floorplan Library.jpg

Search your collegues.jpg

Hi  @Anonymous 

You are using a greater screen in your app. But a standard user uses a phone. Do you have any tips how to deal with smaller screens, and at the same time give the user a good experience? Such that its possible to zoom in and out of the map and the item-gallery still matches the map. 

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Hi, The Interactive Floor Plan you see on the screenshot is used in the Browser for the facility manager. It is not for the end-users, using a smartphone. End Users use Power Apps on their smartphones.  The Mobile Power Apps for Desk Booking, where we show a static floorplan, which is an attachment of an image file in the desks lists in SP Online.desk Booking Floorplan.jpg

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