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Inventory management and ordering forms

Hi everyone,


I have been searching for some time now, but have not been able to find a suitable solution. I'm new to Sharepoint and the powertools, but have a good background in workflow automatization and excel. My situation is like this:


We produce seeds in the greenhouse, (1000+ varieties), this is produced per crop cycle, location, group and types.

Currently we gather this information (and a lot more data per batch) in an excel file (amount/weight of the seeds). What i've been thinking about is to store the necessary data in Sharepoint, but then only with the information we need for customers (like code, weight, testresults). In Sharepoint the customers then can see the actual amount of a batch. I can arrange the data in excel as a table for that. I already build a flow (my first one!) that synchronizes the data from excel into a Sharepoint list. 

But the question i have on this part is, is Sharepoint the appropriate tool for this use?


The next step i would like to build is an order form for customers. So they can select the batches they need, fill in the necessary data and place their order. It would also be nice if they can upload a list of batches in an online excel environment, and that it automatically searches for the inventory amount. If an order is placed i want to have a status tracker in Sharepoint, but that shouldn't be too hard. If the order form is processed i want that amount to be taken of the inventory.


I understand that this is a lot to digest, but i'm hoping that someone can tell me if the tools are fit for my intent. And in that case steer me a bit in the right direction.


Thanks in advance,



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Super User

In general, I tell my customers that if they can wrap their heads around using Tables in Excel, then Sharepoint lists are no big deal. Lists are more performant with Power Apps than Excel Tables, and the apps you will create with forms will have a far better user experience and error control than any Excel file.


Power Apps can read in Excel Tables, Lists, or plenty of other tabular data sources. Lists behave much better as a database than Excel does, which will make ordering & forms much easier.


My one piece of advice: don't try to pack everything into one monster list. Create separate Lists for Customers, Orders, Products, etc. and use the functionality within Power Apps to reference those Lists to one another. 


As you bump into specific questions, get back on here and search for similar issues (many have done what you're doing already) or post a question. Best wishes!



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Thanks BCLS776!


Now i know that it's possible to create this with SharePoint/Powerapps, i will be sure to get back with more specific questions.



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