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Helper I

Invite user outside of organization

I work for a university grant and we track thousands of inmates at a lawschool.  I built a powerapp form that manages the data entry, but it wont let me invite volunteers to it who aren't part of my organization.  I need as many volunteers that I can get but the problem is the beurocracy at the university takes months to get anyone approved for a account let alone 40.  Is there something I can do?  This seems incredably basic and like it should be an easy fix?





@bdc604, Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by: "when external users access your site page which has a powerapps form..."


  • What type of site? Sharepoint?
  • How do external users access your Sharepoint site?
    • I'm unfamiliar with this as my org only allows access to Sharepoint intranet, no outside access.
  • Do external users login to your Sharepoint site? If not, how does Sharepoint know they are external user?


Thank you

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @mattfiu. One method I'm considering is:


  • Create a group in Azure AD that has limited access
  • Create account in this group for external user ("")
  • Let them access your powerapps this way


Not sure if it will work, but this is the avenue i'm pursuing.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Let us know if this works out. We deal with a lot of one-time external vendors submitting bids. We have the process of inviting and applying permissions automated with flow, but they can’t use a powerapps form to collect their submittal details because they are external.

MS... this kind of stupidity is why users decide to try other avenues, and why tools like Google Docs are kicking MS around the block.


98% of ALL COMPANIES cannot afford PERMANENT STAFF to do ALL tasks... hence "TEAM"

concept that includes TEAM MEMBERS outside the network, outside the domain


This is a Fundamental truth of business in 2018..


Microsoft, please LISTEN.

Regular Visitor

For anyone looking for a cost effective replacement of InfoPath with the ability to share with external users (users invited to your tenant) you should consider Sintel Forms For SharePoint. It's completely free for up to 2 forms. It's also worth noting that at the end of this month Sintel Forms For SharePoint will also support Anonymous Forms meaning that you can host links to your forms on any website and any user (without access to your tenant) can submit them. Anonymous forms can be secured with a captcha and users submitting them won't know the url to or have acces to your tenant.


Eoin McMahon - Sintel

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