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Helper II
Helper II

Is it possible to detect the X-Y position of text INSIDE a label or HtmlText control?

I’m trying to add a feature in my app that lets users “click” a word in a label in my app and perform an action. I’m hoping there’s a way to detect the x-y position of each word and then overlay a transparent shape for each word.


I’m curious to see if anyone in the community has a brilliant solution that would make this possible. Alternative suggestions are welcome.

Super User
Super User

Very interesting! The best way to do this would be to use a custom component. They are still an experimental feature. Would you be okay with using experimental features in your app? They may break randomly.

Also, will this be a single line label?

@EricLott, I’d be fine with custom components. This will be a multi-line label. Lots of text.

I've got a starting point for you to get going.

Create a label (we'll call it Label1)

In the label's Text property, add "This is a test"

Create a rectangle (in the Icons dropdown menu) (we'll call it Rectangle1)

Make it transparent with a border (just so you can see where it is)

Set the rectangle's Y property to


Set the rectangle's X property to

Label1.X + (Find("test",Label1.Text) * 10)

Set the rectangle's width property to

Len("test") * 12

 This should give you a rectangle that encompasses the test "test" in the label.

You can now change the rectangle' OnSelect property.

I mentioned components because you could pass a Word property to the component and replace the explicit references to a dynamic property.

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The label being multiline will change things. You'll have to alter the rectangle's Y property.

Not sure how to do that off the top of my head. I can look into it though.

Also, above I left out the rectangle's height property. For single line, you'll set it to 



Thanks for the response. This seems like a very interesting path. I’d definitely be interested to hear if you have a Y movement solution for multi-line content.


Are you able to expound more on the Word property for the custom component? I’m familiar with the basics of components and have designed a few myself, but I’m trying to envision how that could work on this scenario.

Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

I'm curious, what type of actions are you wanting to perform?

Resolver II
Resolver II

You can easily detect X Y coordinates of label. Use Label1.X and Label1.Y where you want to show.
and alternatively you can use this also.

For example: Define two input text  (Format: number) eg. input1 and input2
Then, In label's X property define input1.Text and in Y property input2.Text

Whatever you will input in InputBox your position will change

In a custom component, you can define custom properties (either an input or an output). The 'Word' property would be an input. If your label text is "This is a test" and your component's 'Word' property was set to "test", then you could reference that in the example I put above instead of hard-coding "test" into the X, Y, width, etc properties. It would just make it more dynamic.


I still can't think of a solution to the Y detection I mentioned. I'll report back if I do!  

KickingApps, I’m wanting to mimic highlighting of the text or allow users to add notes to the selected word like one can do on Kindle or in MS Word with comments.

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