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Is it possible to limit the options available in a choice field based on a condition?

Hi Guys, 


I am creating a SharePoint list form through PowerApps


Does anyone know if its possible to limit the possible options within a 'Choice' field based on a defined condition? 


The situation is that i'm building a Service Desk in a SP list. Each item (ticket) navigates a typical [Logged] > [Assigned] > [Resolved] or [Escalated] > [Closed] sort of flow.


When a ticket is assigned to the resolver... i want to limit the options they can select from this choice field to either [Escalated] or [Resolved] - If they pick any other value then its going to mess with a linked Workflow i have which is managing the notifications. 


So is something to the effect of either of the following possible?


  • If ticket is at 'Assigned' status then limit options in choice field to 'Resolved' or 'Escalated'
  • if tickets 'assigned to' value is [email address] then limit options in choice field to 'Resolved' or 'Escalated' 

Kind regards





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Hi Jeff,


I confirm the value is assigned. 


It seems this functionality simply doesn't work within an app rather than a form. Is there any other info i could provide that might help you troubleshoot or shall we consign this one to the "hopefully to be fixed later" pile? 😉


Kind regards


I have this working in a standalone app that is connected to SharePoint using the form control on a screen in PowerApps. I don't see why this won't work for you. Can you change the "=" in the if to "<>" and then see if that changes anything? I think the issue is with the condition statement of the IF(). If this change reduces your choices then we know for sure something isn't right with the condition statement.

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Hi Jeff,
Apologies for my delayed response. It's going to be a week or two before i have access to a machine where i can test this. (Powerapps simply doesnt work on my personal laptop)
Meanwhile thanks very much for your solution to this problem on the Form. I'll just ask the guys to be careful when using the app in the meantime and will get back to you once i've had an opportunity to carry this further.
Kind regards

Hi! sorry to bother but I'm doing something similar and this is really helpfull. Want to thank you for it.


And... do another question 😃 


Is there a way to show all the options but one? I know I can list all the ones I want avaible but if there's too much choices it would be easier to be able to select wich ones I don't want to show.



Just used this, @Jeff_Thorpe  and it worked great!  Thanks so much for your clear instruction!

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