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Is there a way to check the proxy address for a list of users?

Hello. I am using the Office365Users.SearchUser to get a list of users and am wondering if there is a way filter the user by proxy address?

Screenshot 2021-12-21 135740.png
Or is there a way to get the user and their proxy address in the filter? Is it possible to get that in power apps?
Thank you.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Mgodby,


Do you want to filter the user by proxy address?

I am afraid that there is no directly way to get proxy address in Power Apps currently. The proxy addresses attribute in Active Directory is a multi-value property that can contain various known address entries. For example, it can contain SMTP addresses, X500 addresses, SIP addresses, and so on. But usually, the user's Mail is included in the proxy address attribute, so maybe you can use the user's Mail to filter the data as an alternative solution.


You can use the power shell command to get the proxy address.(Get AdUser ProxyAddresses)

Get-AdUser proxyaddresses attribute gets aduser all proxyaddresses values.

As proxyaddresses contains a collection of strings, we will use a like or match comparison operator to find SMTP type address and join address by delimiter as given below:


Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties proxyaddresses | Select-Object Name, @{L = "ProxyAddresses"; E = { ($_.ProxyAddresses -like 'smtp:*') -join ";"}} | Export-Csv -Path C:\PowerShell\AdUsersProxyAddresses.csv –NoTypeInformation


Here is an alternative solution for your reference.

1.Add a Text Input Control.

2.Add a Data Table Control and apply the following formula on its Items property as:


Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser(),TextInput1.Text in Mail).DisplayName


Result screenshots:




Best Regards,

Charlie Choi

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Mgodby,


Has your problem been solved now? If my reply has helped you, could you please adopt my reply to help other users, thank you!


Best Regards,

Charlie Choi

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