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Issue since last update - An entry is required or has an invalid value

I am finishing up an app created in PowerApps. It's been humming along fine, saving new records, saving edits, etc, until this past Friday where it seems there was another PowerApps update.


Now, whenever a new record is saved I get the error 'An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again.'


The thing is, if I hit save again the record saves just fine. This appears to only be an issue with forms. I've created a new screen, with a new form and still get the same error. In places where I use Patch to create a new record there are no issues. I am using SQL Azure tables as my datasources.


I've also tried the CreateDate field mentioned in another post. I already had the field in all of my tables so I've tried removing it and adding it back and the error is the same both ways.


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated as this app was almost complete until the latest update messed it up.



I have just started getting this error in an app that was previously working fine.


Version 2.0.722


When I first try to submit the record I get the error 'An entry is required or has an invalid value'. I hit submit again (without having changed anything) and the record is saved correctly. Happens both on the creation of a new record and modification an existing record.


Backend in SQL Azure DB. I've tried tricks like adding a TimeStamp field but it didn't make any difference.

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I just gave up - the show had to go on and deadlines were pressing - so I just switched to Patch as an alternative.

All my tables have an identity column which I had included in the forms as a datacard (in some cases I was allowing deletes of existing records from the form so needed the identity to specify the record to be deleted).


Removing the ID column data cards seems to resolve this issue, though means I need to find another way of performing deletes.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I am having this issue as well.

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I thought I solved this by removing the Sharepoint ID field. But when I redid the form later, the error returned and I don't have the ID field present. Very frustrating. 


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This drove me nuts, but I believe I found a workaround. I other cases, I just had to remove the item ID field from the form, however, this was not resolving one particular case. 


I had a list that was populated from another SharePoint via via a PowerApps Patch function. It is a task form where the user just has to select 'Finished' and add some comments, so I made all the other fields Read-only. The Title field was required of course, but I had made it read only. On a whim, I made that field editable and error went away. 


So now I will try hiding the Title field (Visible property), and use a label field to display the contents. Pretty sure that will work. 

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Smiley Happy



1. Make the desired read-only, but required Fields (e.g. Title) editable, then hide using the visible property. 

2. Add a label control with the Text property referencing the field you hid.  

View solution in original post

I tried everything on the blog but it didn't work with the error "An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again". I can only see the error when i click on some specific options on drop-down menu. And unable to save them to sharepoint online.Trying to solve since weeks but didn't work. Can someone help me with this.




Can you give me some more details on how you have fixed it.  I am not able to follow your steps.


Thank you,


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i am having this same issue on a new form I am creating. It is with the Date field. I was not able to follow your steps either to solve this. I do not see that my field is 'read only'. It is a required field however. 

Please let me know if you can walk me through this!! 

Appreciate it!! 


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