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Issues With Emailing a Collection



I am new to power apps but have gained some ground in the last 2 months and now I have hit a road block and was wondering if someone could help me? I have built a portion of my app where my regional sales managers can request product samples and send me an email notification. I have built the collection and can email my collection - NO PROBLEM. My problem is that My collection will ONLY email the latest entry. So lets say I have 5 Unique entries in my collection - When the email notification is sent - I will only see the latest entry - 5 times in a row, I don't get the rest od the unique entries in the email. Has anyone come across this before? Please help and thanks

Resolver I
Resolver I

Would you be able to provide a bit more detail about how you are sending the email? What service are you using (Flow, the Office365 connector etc.)? What are the formulas you are using/have tried? How is the collection being sent (csv file attached, HTML table etc.)?

Thanks for getting back to me. 


1: I am using Office 365 Outlook to send the email

2: I am sending a TABLE

3: I have attached images of how I have set everyting up


The 1st image is of the way I have set up the code to collect the info to create the collection

The 2nd image - You see that the collection IS working because you see 2 unique entries

The 3rd Image is the code used to email the collection




Here is an image of the email the receiver actually gets. You see that it does identify 2 entries BUT it repeats the LAST entered entry as many times as there are entries in the collection. In this case - 2

Resolver III
Resolver III

The column name in your collection is RSM and I_IRDSM is the control.


So, when you say Concat(SampleReq2, "RSM: " & I_IRDSM... the I_IRDSM control's value will have the last data entered.  It is iterating though the collection the correct amount of times, just pulling the same data from the control I_IRDSM everytime.


Use the collection's column name, try:


Concat(SampleReq2, "RSM: " & RSM...




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