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Advocate II
Advocate II

Issues with Form.UnSaved

Not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior, i have a form with a bunch of text boxes, lookups, dates etc all going back to an SQL database.

If i setup the form with dates, dropdowns (with the correct allowed values and defaults) the Form.Unsaved works correctly, make a change to a drop-down, updates = true, change back , updates = false. THe issue comes in with Text boxes. The fields in the database default to ('') and then are are varchar(5000). PowerApps will always report that the form has changes when it loads even if the field is blank. I found that if you add TrimEnds() to the default value of the data card (for example TrimEnds(ThisItem.Issue1) where issue1 is a field) then it works correctly. Anyone else come across something like this or am i missing something in the database setup?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @AlexKeil,

The Unsaved property of the Edit form control determines if the Edit form control contains user changes that have not been saved. If the EditForm1.Unsaved formula return true, it means that your Edit form contains some changes have not be saved.

I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned. The GIF screenshot as below:Test1.gif

In addition, I found that if I set the Default property of the Data card control which contains the Text Input control to following:

""   /* <-- Empty string */

the EditForm1.Unsaved formula would always return TRUE when I load the Edit form in New mode.

Note: The "" (empty string) is not equal to blank. The "" (empty string) is a Text string value, just there is no character within this string.

Please check if you have set the Default value of the Issue1 field in your SQL table to "" (empty string). If yes, please consider take a try to remove the Default value for the Issue1 field in your SQL table, then check if the issue is solved.

If you have set a "" (empty string) as a default value for the Issue1 field in your SQL table, when you load your Edit form in New mode, the corresponding Text Input box in your Edit form would be set with a Default value ("", empty string), so the EditForm1.Unsaved formula would always return TRUE  on your side.

If the issue still exists, please consider re-create your SQL table without setting a Default value for the Issue1 field, then create a new app to connect it, check if the issue is solved.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Wasn't sure whether to bump this or start a new thread. But as of today the Unsaved property is returning True when I haven't made any changes to the form. Can you fix this please?

I am having the same issue.  I am navigating from a button to a New form.  My Form Display Mode label shows: edit.  My Unsaved changes messages visibility is set to newForm.Unsaved.   As soon as I get to my new form, the message is already visible without touching a key stroke.  


Also, I do not see a delay output option on a label on which I have text but I've seen in in older videos.  Is that no longer an option?  



Frequent Visitor

Did either of you ever find a solution to this problem / is it still an issue for you both? I'm experiencing something similar, but unsure if its due to the same thing.

@JNicholl  I have not but I've also not worked in that app recently.  I will be back into later this week and in some weeks ahead so if I do find a solution, I'll post it here.  

I have the same issue. I use the following statement in the default property of text input control in order to format it:

Text(Value(Parent.Default), "[$-nl-NL] ######0,00" )

This causes the [formname].Unsaved property to become true.

THIS IS A MAJOR BUG please MSFT fix this !!!!!!

Without a fix it is not feasible to do any proper formatting in a form.


Is their any update on this Issue or any workaround?

Even I face the same issue. 

Thanks for your help.

Nope, still the same. Therefore testing on Form.UnSaved is unreliable.

Hi..  This is happening to me all the sudden.   Worked fine last wednesday.   Are there any issues we don't know about?  .unsaved is showing true even when i do the new form function.

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