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Issues with Powerapps

Question : 1

I'm trying to retrive the Sharepoint Groups in Powerapps using Office 365 Groups Connector, But i'm unable to view the list of groups in My powerapp.

Below is the code i'm trying using Dropdown in items.


Can anyone please suggest how do we display the Sharepoint Groups in powerapps?

Question : 2 

Can we make the Combobox showing the Empty values as default , but when we search with text in the combobox it should dsiplay the values based on Text entered. How is this possible in Powerapps ?


Question : 3

How do we  launch the Sharepoint site load in the Same Tab/ Same Windiow when clicking on some button.

I'm trying with launch function like Launch("URL"). But i wanted to be load in the same tab.

How is this possible ?


It would be great, if anyone could suggest the best ways to achieve the above requirements.




Accepted Solutions


Based on what you told me via message, in a very 'hardcoded' way for simplicity sake:


1. In your dropdown source, add a restrictionColumn where you indicate Y or N

2. In the OnLoad of the app, Set a variable (RestrictedUser) to True if the user is not to have access to the whole set (based on Office365Group membership)

3. In the Items property of that dropdown, use a Conditional Filter formula, such as If(RestrictedUser,Filter('mysource',restrictrionColumn="Y"),'mysource')

View solution in original post


As per your Question 1, don't put the ".value" at the end.


When I test this on my side, that's what makes the difference between a combo box that contains list of items or is empty.

Hi PowerDiver, 


Thanks for your Reply.

I tried with removing the ".value" at the end, i don't see the list of group names in the dropdown.

I'm getting this value in dropdown :$metadata#groups


Could you please suggest what i might be missing here ?



Sorry, in fact, the '.value' is fine... it's the value property you have to set to the description field (for example)





As for your question number 2, that is pretty much native to a Combo Box, just make sure you define the fields you want to search on in the SearchFields property.





For Question 1 :

I tried with dropdown items value to  Office365Groups.ListOwnedGroups().value and setted the value to "Description"  in the right pane.


It is not displaying any values in the dropdown, it is showing empty.



Hello Vangala,


I would say, add a button in your app to test out the results you get for the list of groups and put this script at the OnSelect Event:




Then go browse the Collections (in the File menu) and see if you actually have values defined.


Hi Powerdriver,


Fort Question 2:

It's not about searching the fields, i want to display empty combobox as default as shown below in powerapps. 

But when we enter some text in combobox, it should displaythe values based on text entered.


Please see the attached screenshot.





So if I understand correctly, what you want is the list to be empty when there's no text in the search box ?

Contrary to what we get by default (as shown below), right?


yes that's right!

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