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Issues with "Default" in Combobox

Hi there,


As the title suggests, I'm having trouble with the default in Combobox. 

So I have 3 frames: a browse, a detail (view) form and an edit / add form.

When people want to edit a field, I want the comboboxes, dropdowns and datumpicker to show the old data. I've got it working for the dropdowns and datumpicker, but the comboboxes doesn't seem to work. Everytime it displays: "Search items" instead of (for example) a customer.



I tried Parent.Default, but that doesn't work. It gives a red circle with a cross inside it which says something about that it expects the type of Record, but this rule produces incompatible value from the type Number. 


Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions



We can use the below formula in the defaultSelectedItems , the catch is it accepts a record value and not a single data value in the control -->

Filter('Table', Id = Gallery.Selected.Id).ColumnBoundToCombobox

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Community Support
Community Support

Which property you are working with the ComBo Box control?

The Default property, or the InputTextPlaceholder property?


The Search Item is defined under the InputTextPlaceholder property, so if you would like to have it to be displayed as the default user name, then you may take a try to set the 


InputTextPlaceholder property with


and the Default property set to:


More information, see:

Combo Box in PowerApps




Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Hi Michael (@, thanks for your answer. 


I think I explained it wrongly. I will add some more information below with properties from the Datacard and Combobox.


I have a Datacard (DataCardClient).





LookUp('[dbo].[tbl_Clients]'; Name = ComboBox2.Selected.Name; ID)



DataSourceInfo('[dbo].[tbl_Voyages]';DataSourceInfo.AllowedValues; "Clients_ID")


And next the properties of the ComboBox (ComboBoxClient):

















So when I choose the client, it saves and it's viewable in de view form (and in the SQL database) but when I want to edit that later, the combobox is emtpy and shows the text from InputTextPlaceholder, which is not what I want. I want it to show the value which I chose before.

I hope this explained my problem better.


EDIT: If I put DataCardClientValue88 in the InputTextPlaceholder, it shows the right one, it shows the chosen Client, which is good, but not exactly what I want. If people edit that form and save, it saves a blank for Client, since nothing is filled in (because there is no working default). 

Hi Michael (@v-micsh-msft),


Thank your for your response. 

I'm talking about the Default property, not the InputTextPlaceholder.


Here is some more information, since your solution didn't work for me.

In the edit screen, these are the most imporant properties for the datacard and combobox:



DisplayFields: ["Name"]

SearchFields: ["Name"]

Items: Sort('[dbo].[tbl_Clients]';Name)

Default: Empty

InputTextPlaceholder: DataCardValue80 (This is the Client Value in the Detail / View screen. This is just a temporarily solution so people know which Client they picked).



DataField: "Client_ID"

DisplayName: "Client"

Default: Empty

Update: LookUp('[dbo].[tbl_Clients]'; Name = ComboBoxClient.Selected.Name; ID)

AllowedValues: Empty




I forgot to tell that DatacardClient had a connection to a DropDown first, but I replaced it with a Combobox because I want the users to be able to search for Client in the list itself.


So the problem one more time:

I can upload the chosen Client to the database (I can see it in SQL and in the detail/view screen in Powerapps). When editing a voyage, the combobox doesnt display the picked Client anymore and has to be picked again. That's because the Default is empty ofcourse, but I don't know what to fill in there. 

The Default property should depend on the form property.

So when the Form is submitting new record, you can just leave it as empty, when form control switches to Edit Mode, change the value of the Default property as below:

So the whole formula should be:


Lookup('[dbo].[tbl_Clients]'; ID = Gallery.Selected.ID; Name))

See if doing it in this way would make it work as expected.





Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

So, it didn't give me any errors with this formula (I replaced Client with Charterers by the way):


If(Gallery_Voyage_Edit.Mode = New; "";LookUp('[dbo].[tbl_Charterers]'; ID = Gallery_Voyages_Browse.Selected.ID; Name))


When I put that in the Default from the DatacardCharterer, it didn't give me an error like mentioned before, but it doesn't display the right Charterer in the Combobox either. 


When I put it in the Default from ComboboxCharterer, it gives me the following error: 


The property expects record values but this rule produces incompatible text values.


I don't know how to solve that. 

Again, thanks for your help Michael @v-micsh-msft


I think you need to set DefaultSelectedItem instead of Default.





Hi @RussellGove,


I tried to set the DefaultSelectedItems to:


If(Gallery_Voyage_Edit.Mode = New; "";LookUp('[dbo].[tbl_Charterers]'; ID = Gallery_Voyages_Browse.Selected.ID; Name))


Sadly, that didn't work either. It gives me the following error:


The property expects record Table values, but this rule produces incompatible Text values. Or something like that.

Helper IV
Helper IV


I'm also having same kind of issue.

In my scenario, 

I have a combo box which will be filtered based on values we choose from a Dropdown

DropDown= A, B,C

when a user selects A,C then there will be only 1 value in the combo box,

But when they choose B there will be multiple options on Combobox they need to select.

What my issue is: When a user selects A,C from dropdown a textbox should be populated with Combobox value automatically, but when user selects B they should be able to select options from combobox values.

How can i set the properties.

 texbox needs to be populated conditionally. like when they select A,C from dropdown then the textbox value should be the only value from combobox.

When they select B from the dropdown, they should be able to select 3 values from combobox and populate into the textbox.

textBox= Concat(combobox.SelectedItems,Result&",")

This is the formual i used on textbox.So what ever user selects on combobox will bepopulated into textbox

But textbox should be set to default combobox option when they select A,C from dropdown

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I am having the same issues with setting the Default values for a Combo Box - did anyone solve this since the last post?

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