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Kept getting *True* from custom connector in PowerApps

I came across this issue when getting response from custom connector in PowerApps.  I had gone through numerous community forum and tutorial guide on getting response data from custom connector.  Hope someone would able to shed some light for me on this.  

The issue I faced:
1. Kept getting True as the response from the custom connector, below is the custom connector I used.

ClearCollect(testData, CustomTrigger.Run("pending", 20, 0))



2. Unable to use CustomConnector.Run(<param>).applicant

UpdateContext({applicant: CustomTrigger.Run("pending", 20, 0).applicant})


How to re-create the situation that I faced:

1. I follow the exact steps in the following tutorial as a start (Microsoft) register-and-use-custom-apis-in-powerapps.  However, I failed to get the response correctly.
3. I continue my search on the Internet and I managed to find this blog.  Still, I can't get the response correctly.

Result that I'm looking for:

1. My collection is filled with the data that I wish to get from the response 

    data: [{
        application: "20190331",
        applicant: "John",
        courseName: "Learn to be a better person",
        dateStart: "2019-04-12T00:00:00.0000000",
        dateEnd: "2019-04-15T00:00:00.0000000",
        syllabus: [{
            syllabusName: "Speak better"
        }, {
            syllabusName: "Listen better"

Thanks Smiley Happy.


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Re: Kept getting *True* from custom connector in PowerApps

@ZephyerPH  Sorry for the delay, reviewing this.

@TopShelf-MSFT  @Mr-Dang-MSFT 

Power Apps Staff Mr-Dang-MSFT
Power Apps Staff

Re: Kept getting *True* from custom connector in PowerApps

Hi @ZephyerPH, as everyone's custom connector and API has a different schema/structure, it's often hard know what the precise issue is. Thank you for pasting the schema you are expecting and the collection result. 


For issue #1, this is definitely a case of not drilling in deep enough. As with your example in #2, you put a .applicant. Well for issue #1, you'll want to drill in with a .column to get to where you need. 


For issue #2, can you share more about the error you're seeing. It's unclear what issue you're coming across. It could be a type mismatch issue. We don't know enough about your error and parameters to know.


These community members have a lot of posts on custom connector/HTTP schema and would be good resources and names to search: @ericonline @Anonymous @ThatAPIGuy @AntonRobbins 

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Re: Kept getting *True* from custom connector in PowerApps

I see two potential problems, doing this from my phone so can't test it.

Firstly when you pasted the response into your custom connector did it include the whole thing? As it should go data.applicant to get to the applicant.

Issue 2 it looks like you're returning an object as opposed to an array (square brackets []) if your sample was an array and when you call the all for a single record it returns an object, that can screw things up too.

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