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Labels linking to cell in Excel spreadsheet on Map

I'm creating an interactive floorplan for our small company.  PowerApps sees my excel data source (Table1), but I can't seem to link each label to a single cell in my spreadsheet. Can you guys nudge me in the right direction?


The pic shows how I would like it to look (sans the blank rooms. and I entered names in the labels manually just for reference) When the user clicks on a room, the data table in the upper-right shows their Name/Extension/E-mail (or the single row that the cell is from.)


So for example, for the Boardroom, I would like the label to link directly with cell B2 in my spreadsheet. so that it shows the name like in the pic.


I've tried this but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?



Getting the search field working is a whole other issue entirely... I understand I'll need to create a gallery overlay for this. but I'll take it one step at a time for now... 🙂



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Resident Rockstar

Power Apps will only be able to access rows and columns within tables that are used in the app. The other cells of the workbook are not accessible by the Power App. It also reads the tables without resolving formulas, only as their resulting values.


You can accomplish the outcome you're looking for, but you will need to refactor the data. If you image that your map is a grid - maybe 100x100 squares, then it can be reflected in a table. Perhaps

  • Map Rooms
    • Room ID (some sort of way to distinctly identify, even if just a #)
    • Description/Name
    • Border Squares (comma-delimited list of squares which represent the border)
    • Interior Squares (comma-delimited list of squares which represent the interior)
    • Border Color (to tell the app how to color the border)
    • Interior Color (to tell the app how to color the interior)
  • Map Room Assignments
    • Room ID
    • Assigned To
    • Start Date/Time
    • End Date/Time

You'd then be able to render a Gallery. Let's say the Gallery was 12x12 (144 squares). Here is a basic example of how you could then structure the data so it could be displayed in a Gallery.

This is a rudimentary example. It does, however, give you some great functionality so if someone clicks into any of the cells of the grid, you'd know the Room ID they clicked and could show the assignment/contextual info.


Map Gallery Grid Example.png

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Thank you Gareth,


That is very helpful, thank you. That clears up a lot of the questions in my mind regarding how I would pull it all together. This seems like a bit of an undertaking for a floor plan map. I have a lot on my plate right now and time isn't on my side... I may buy a Visio license and experiment with linking and sharing my map with a sharepoint spreadsheet first before resorting to this.... 

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