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Latest update breaks powerapps variable passing

Going from the ui, it appears there has been an update to the Powerapps framework and a previously working app no longer works. The data sharing appears to have stopped working, e.g. this worked before the upgrade:


the OnSelect for a button no longer seems to pass the variable:

Navigate(AppointmentsScreen,Fade, {student: student})

and it says it can't evaulate the formula due to context variable types different in other areas of the app but nothing has changed.


In AppointmentsScreen I now get "invalid use of '.'" when accessing student.StudentId. Navigating from an icon such as '>' still works and passes the variable but the button appears to no longer passes the variable.


Is there any information?



Accepted Solutions

Hi @codebrane,

Could you please share a bit more about the issue within your app?


Based on the error message that you provided, I suppose that you have re-defined the student context variable, is it true?

Please check if you have re-defined the student variable with a different data type within your app.

In addition, as an alternative solution, you could consider take a try to set a Global variable (using Set function) to store the value that you want to pass to the AppointmentsScreen, then you could use this global variable within your app everywhere (instead of using Navigate function to pass variable).

If the issue still exists, please take a try to re-create your app, then check if the issue is solved.

Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Resolver I
Resolver I

it appears to be a major break in the framework. If I duplicate the screen the variable passing works with the duplicated screen. So the fix appears to be going through your entire app duplicating broken screens to fix them.


Is there any information on this upgrade?

and the next issue is the app reverts to being broken after leaving the editor and going back in. The duplicated screen now has the same errors as the original one.

and the next issue is the app somehow started working again, I got through most of the screens on a run and now it's stopped working again, complaining about the context variable not being the same in different areas where 5mins ago it wasn't complaining about it.


Is the powerapps framework no longer usable? I would value a comment from the powerapps team on this issue.



I also have a PowerApp that sends context variables to other screens and it's working without issues. The PowerApp release version is 3.18092.18.


Have you checked which version is your app running on? You can view the "Versions" tab on your PowerApp details page.

the app sends context variables to other screens too and some of them are working. Some aren't and the ones that aren't working swap around so the ones that work don't and the broken ones start working again so the whole thing fails to make any sense. When I published it, it was working. After the upgrade, it wasn't and is no longer usable.


The version is 3.18092.18


I would value power teams input on this to shed light on the possible causes

and lo and behold! in order to check the version I opened it in the editor in Firefox and now a completely different set of screens is broken.


anyone from the power apps team prepared to offer advice after the upgrade?

It's easier to pinpoint the issue if you have a Session Id which identifies the error but I guess that your error comes from designing the application itself.


Have you checked the Variables? maybe there is an error setting the variable somewhere else



I've checked the variables but the interface isn't much use, it just lists where the context variable is used and there are no errors other than the ones the editor is forcing on the app. e.g. some screens have a populated context variable, some don't and just say 'error', really helpful.


If I close the editor and open it again I'll get a completely different set of broken screens. I've just run the app literally 10mins ago and it worked. Now it's broken again, much worse than before. The context variable is a lookup from a sharepoint list.


If I remove all 'code' from a screen so that the screen goes nowhere and has no knowledge of any other screen, I still can't get it to open as the previous screen complains about the context variable being a different type 'somewhere', really helpful again. But there is no 'somewhere' as it's only being passed to an empty screen.


The bottom line is, the app worked prior to the upgrade, now it doesn't know what to do as the editor no longer works with context variables, at least the ones that are sharepoint records.

Have you tried reverting to the working version? at least so your users can continue working with the app until a proper fix is found.

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