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Lauch PowerApps Link to open specific screen

Hello, I have created my PowerApps and use MS Flow to send the email content with a link to launch the specific screen in my application. Is it possible to create a link that will open the directly to the screen when I clicked on the link provided? I already use OnTimerEnd option but will go to the first page and then after a few seconds, it will navigate to the screen which is not good practice for our apps. 


Thank you in advance!



I think I can provide you with a much easier explanation on how to do it with the help of a video It really helped me out with my problem and made me understand the formula 

Let me know if this helps 

Have a good day


Set(startScreen,Param("screenID"));If(startScreen=1, Navigate..,If(startScreen=2, Navigate.........
This used to work before, not any longer. Powerapps is not allowing it. What is the new solution for this. Navigation function is not allowed (OnStart). Please help

That video was EXTEREMLY helpful!  Thanks!

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I know this is old and it has now changed, I've read the rest of the posts here, but I'm just not getting it. How can I apply this solution under the new design? I'm getting a little lost with the App.OnStart and App.StartScreen, and what goes where. 

Could anyone help? I want to accomplish exactly what was done here previously, just under the current design.

Set(startScreen,Param("screenID")); //Read ScreenID Parameter

Switch(startScreen, "1", Navigate(Screen1),"2",Navigate(Screen2)); //Navigate to corresponding screen as per the ID

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Did you watch this video?  PowerApps Deep Linking - YouTube

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Since posting I did find that yes. And I have gotten further. I'm 100% there yet though. I have only been able to get redirected to 1 screen. If I add more than 1 in my StartScreen parameters and try to go to screen 2 it doesn't work. 
 What I have come up with is: (in the StartScreen properties)
If(Param("MyScreen") = "1", AddNewPosition, "2", Hardware_Request, Welcome)


When I append "&MyScreen=1" to the url, I do get to the AddNewPosition screen. But when I append "&MyScreen=2", I do not get to the Hardware_Request screen. Instead I get the Welcome screen. 


Thank you

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Actually, this might work:

If(Param("MyScreen") = "1", Screen1,
Param("MyScreen") = "2", Screen2, Welcome)


Seems to anyway, so far.....

Resolver I
Resolver I

This must have changed. You can not use Navigate in the OnStart of the App anymore?

Resolver I
Resolver I

You can't Navigate in OnStart anymore...

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