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Launch DocuSign when button is pressed in PowerApps

Good evening, I had a previous post on this, but not seeing the the solution at it's simplest; i.e., the MS Docs link provided gives information and suggests solutions and functionality which are way above and beyond what we're looking for. We simply want to have the ability to press a button in our PowerApp to launch the respective document from a list into DocuSign (whether browser or desktop client). Then from there, it's up to the user to figure out the rest. I've got 90% of the app built out, just need to know what the Launch parameters would be, if that's the solution. 


Tagging @yashagarwal as I've just finished watching his awesome, in-depth DocuSign integration videos. 


As always, thank you!


Super User
Super User

Hi @mdcastorena 


  • Links for the Docusign document need to be stored in Sharepoint
  • Display the list using gallery
  • Set Launch command for the document which should redirect to Docusign


Note: DocumentURL is the  Docusign document URL

If you are not able to store those document links in Sharepoint then we need to redirects to the generic screen.

@StalinPonnusamy  So the documents do need to also live in the DocuSign app in order to get the URL - where?


Is there a way I can add these globally to our DocuSign account? I'm coming up short on the DocuSign knowledge and use-cases, but as I understand it, users are just downloading the Contract document from my app as it is today and dropping it/uploading here in DocuSign to get started. I'd love if it just opened the document straight into Docusign to skip the download/upload steps.




Thanks so much for your help,


Super User
Super User

Hi @mdcastorena 


Documents are going to be in Docusign only. But only the Document link or URL that needs to be stored in Sharepoint. So that document can be opened when the user clicks the URL from PowerApps.

Thank you for clarifying @StalinPonnusamy  - With that said, our users are best served continuing to download the document from my PowerApp then upload the document into their DocuSign app - we do not utilize DocuSign at that capacity (actually storying documents). It would be nice if there was a way to globally upload those documents for everyone in our organization/DocuSign account, but unfortunately asking our users to upload those themselves to their individual DocuSign apps is not palatable at this point in time. Thank you so much for your direction and assistance on this! 


Thank you,


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