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Launch OneDrive application



I'd like to know if it's possible to launch onedrive application, from within powerapps?


I know the OndeDrive connector is only supposed to connect toa  excel/table datasource oinside onedrive, but navigating through files and folders, natively, isn't possible.


Thank you,

Luis Santos

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ooooo that worked!



I'm stuck now though, because that generated link looks like this:



So I cant just tack on a subfolder name such as /Job1001/


Yeah unfortunately it seems that way. If you knew exactly what the urls were (no need to be dynamically generated), then you could use it. Or maybe just link to the root folder, and have the user find the Job1001 folder themselves?

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We have a lot of subfolders (one for each job), so the current process in the OneDrive app to search is a bit cumbersome.

That's why I was hoping PowerApps could help.


The naming convention for the subfolders is basic and known. It's just the job number.

So can use the path for the root folder, and one of the data fields, to compile:

ie \Jobs\Job1001\ or \Jobs\Job1002\ etc


I just don't know how to add a subfolder to the URL /EqzFfbCPh1EqnyExz9_Z8BAmSG_BtsmvQ2crbqMO-6w?e=fZ4jaM ....

Do you think it's possible?


Thanks for your help thus far 🙂

I'm not too sure about that unfortunately.


I would suggest posting on their stack overflow -

I just tackled a similar problem. I have a Power Apps app that patches a sharepoint list with a folder name to create; then a Power Automate flow runs whenever a new item is created in this "folders to create list".   After creating the desired folder, It then updates a hyperlink field in my main Sharepoint list with a URL pointing back to the just-created new document folder. In the Power Apps app, the user clicks a button to open this link to the folder.

The problem is that the 'link to item' variable returned by the 'create folder' action in the Power Automate flow creates a URL that has ".../sites/..." in it; but this won't open the Android OneDrive app unless it contains ".../:f:/r/sites..."  So I created an expression in the Power Automate flow to rewrite the 'link to item' url that is created when the flow makes the new folder to include the " :f:/r " part of the URL.  Now the right behavior happens in the PowerApp app:  Launching the folder URL causes the Android Onedrive app to open.  Without the ":f:/r" part, the browser would open instead.

Awesome your workaround using should be marked as a solution for OneDrive for Business / SharePoint! 

I have been trying to find a solution to launch OneDrive in specific folders on iOS a long time ago now, but eventually I had to give it up. Just curious, where did you find this integration/deep linking for OneDrive on mobile in the Microsoft documentation?

Thanks again, you made my day! 👏

Awesome!! Do you know how to make it work when offline?    

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