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hpkeong Community Champion
Community Champion

Launch(email, with link) issues

Hi PG:


I have no issue to use:

- Launch(Concatenate(", how are you","&cc=","","&body=","This is my message", "%0A%0A"))

- and then Insert an attachment manually (from screenshot on Mobile Phone)  - This is ok for User.


However, I have encountered problems here:

1. In the above situation, the Subjet and Body will always show

- Hey+how+are+you

- This+is+my+message

what goes wrong?


2. My main concern is using link to

In fat, in the gallery, there is a link to email of each people.

So, when I click on the icon (which contains Email from gallery), I wish to

Launch("mailto:"&Email)..This definitely work.

What I want to achieve is combination with cc, subject and body.

-Launch(Concatenate("mailto:"&Email?subject=Hey, how are you","&cc=","","&body=","This is my message", "%0A%0A")) or

- Launch("mailto:"&Email?subject=Hey, how are you","&cc=","","&body=","This is my message", "%0A%0A")


Would PG help on this?



Accepted Solutions
JackWert Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

As Matt mentioned you can use the Unicode space character to get around this (Supported in most fonts) more info here:


If you're working from a laptop (without a num pad) you can get the character by going to the Windoes 10 seach box and typing "character map", find it in the app and select it (near the top in position #94, right after the Tilde "~") , then hit "Copy"

View solution in original post

Power Automate
Power Automate

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

I was able to repro your issue, and from what I can see this appears to be an encoding issue, that I need to follow-up on for you Smiley Very Happy Let me show you how I worked it out - FYI: I did more than what is necessary just to peel back the onion skin 1 layer at a time):


First of all we need to understand the HTML standards for Mailto: here is a screenshot of that  :


Since it's HTML driven I started by creating an HTML Textbox (named HTMLString) so I could check the formatting of the string. I added an HTML Text Box and set the HTML Text Property to the lines below. My goal here was to test each parameter, and to see if the textbox could look like the HTML standard string. Since I was using an HTML Text control, I also didn't have to worry about the <a> and the </a> start and closing tags.


"" &
"?" &
"&" &
"&subject=The subject of the mail" &
"&body=PowerApps is the best!"


Screen shot of HTML String in runtime:




Next I added a Send Mail button (named BtnSendMail) with the following OnSelect property to test:



When I click/tap the button it did exactly what you said it would, and I saw the "+" signs where the spaces should have been:



I made the assumption that this has to do with encoding, so I added the encoded format for spaces into the formula.

(Encoder/Decoder form to encode HTML text).
"" &
"?" &
"&" &
"&subject=The%20subject%20of%20the%20mail" &


I also tried using + between the words....and a fully formatted & " " &


Each time, I repro'd the + sign between words.



I believe this is an issue with encoding, but I will investigate this further for you and post my findings here.


Thank you for your patience,


hpkeong Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

Hi @audrieg


Thanks for the detailed trial and error, debugging with different scenario.

In fact, apart from the "+", I have no issue with sending directly with:



But, as I am embeding the emaill address of all the receiver in Gallery, and on a click of, say, an Icon (with Email address coded, with title email),

it will:

- Launch("mailto:"&email)...This is PERFECT.

But, as I tried and mentioned, in this case, there is no way to have:

- cc

- Subject

- body.


So, in summary, there are two issues:

- "+" sign

- "Launch("mailto:"&email?subject=.....&cc=.....&body=....")


Once again, appreciate of the effort.

I know, in normal case we may not have so many "necessity" to do so, but when this can be accomplished, I rest assure that the efficiency of sending messages (Communication) will be greatly enhanced.


I believe in Microsoft's move towards PRODUCTIVITY, and EFFICIENCY.


TQ and have a nice day.

Power Automate
Power Automate

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues



Thank you for your patience.

Not applicable

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

One thing to note is that the mailto: will only work if you have an email client enabled on your browser. It may be more effective to use the Office365 built-in features.


Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

Hi @audrieg Is there any update on the %20/[space] to + encoding issue? I'm running into this as well 😕

New Member

Office 365 apps stuck on "Setting Up..."

I've perchased office 365 enterprise E3 trial version, after I did setup settings some of my office 365 apps stuck on "Setting Up..." for long time.

Whould anyone help me please.

my office 365 ID is



New Member

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

Keen to know if this issue was resolved as I have the same issue with encoding the subject string.

I tried wrapping the subject string in the EncodeUrl(str) function but it has no impact.

Not applicable

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

noone of my launch links work. I am populating my customer details from a sql server database and trying to do Launch("mailto:" &EmailAddr) which is the name of my field. that does not work neither does Launch("mailto:") same thing with phone nothing is working on powerapps

Frequent Visitor

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues


I have html tagged text in html text input. i wants to send it in email body but "i cannot enable ishtml" inthe syntax.

because of that all html tags are appearing while i am sending email using "mailto" function.

my IT disable to send email using office 365 connector so i have to use "launch(mailto:......)


can you help me in accomodating correct syntax to add "ishtml:true" inside the syntax of " Launch(





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