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Linking one record across four SharePoint lists


    I manage multiple SP lists for sales teams and pull them all together for forecasting into an Infopath form.  I've been tasked with migrating the form our teams use from Infopath (I built & manage) to Powerapps.  Currently our setup is a sales rep goes into a master list of customers in SP, then chooses a specific customer and then edits via the Infopath form.  I have hyperlink columns in the master list that link to that customer's corresponding record in the other 3 SP lists(Actuals, 2022 Forecast, 2023 Forecast)  Those links are on the master Infopath form and when a rep clicks on them it launches the other SP list's form with that specific customer's data pulled up.  I want to migrate this same setup to Powerapps.  I'd like to have a rep choose their customer from the "master" list on the initial app screen and then the next screen would have 3 buttons to choose from (actuals, 2022 Forecast, 2023 Forecast). These buttons would take the rep to that specific record on each of the SP lists. 

What would be the best way to go about this? 

Below is a summary of the current Powerapp I have built.


Data sources linked:


-Master SP list

-Actuals SP list

-2022 Forecast SP list

-2023 Forecast SP list


My current setup filters the master list results by the current O365 user that's logged in so that reps and managers can only see their accounts.  I have added a new screen for each of the additional SP lists with the same O365 current user filter but the rep would have to search for that specific account on each screen.  


Thank you for any help that is provided.  





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