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Listing Appended Changes from Sharepoint List on PowerApps

I've created a PowerApp that show information from a Sharepoint list.  One of the columns in my list has "append changes" active which means we can basically track changes each time this field is edited.  This is helpful because we use it as a comment sections for the item that a user can read the changes as if they were comments.


However, in PowerApps on an item detail screen it only lists the most recent entry (from a PowerApps template) and doesn't append the changes.  Is there any way to do this where it shows all the changes (just as plan text) that user can scroll through?




Thank you for coming back super fast 😉


I must admit that I'm really new with FLOW.  Before stumbling on this thread I was about to some Http request to sharepoint (REST api) with flow to get the info I wanted.  The thing is... it seems that even with REST API, I can't reach Append Changes informations from the list.  It only return the last one.


Now about the solution.

So if I understand correcly, what you do is


1. you have a multiline Text field in your powerapps 

2. From that field, you run a flow (which you shown in your message)


I have a lot of question : 

1. "SignoffHistory" is the name of the field in your SPL that have "Append changes" activated?

2. Do you store the info in a field in your sharepoint list or it only populate the text field in your powerapps everytime?


If i understand everything correctly, this solution only work if you implement this solution at the very beginning, since we still face the issue to take previous message.


Let say that user are already using the power apps with many "append changes" happen in the text field.  The flow will not be able to get the "append changes" that already happen.


Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Ok, this help.  All very good questions.  It is important to know that the only reason why I did not use the Sharepoint Append Changes function is because in powerapps, the only output available is the very last entry into that sharepoint column.  Thus:


Answer:  It is correct that the data column in Sharpoint for my method is a multi-line text column.  Append changes is NOT activated.  Flow is performing the append change function, and allowing the entire history visible in PowerApps.


Next, when flow runs, and populates a field in an Update Item action, it will overwrite the entire field.  That is why you have to write the current value of "SignoffHistory" back each time.  Otherwise, you would only have a single entry in the field, and history would be overwritten.


Also, what is not shown, is that you do have to perform a Get Item action FIRST.  That will pull in the current value of "SignoffHistory" which you put right back in the same field on the Update Item action.  


Do you need to see more specifics?


Thanks for the in dept explanation.  


Maybe I should think differently how the data will be stored. 


Many thanks 😉



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This looks great but I have a few questions:

So this is a Comment History field separate from the comment field? Or does the comment field show history and allow added comments?

Where exactly do you put the code in the PowerApps? Which field? Is it the DataCard or DataCardValue? Is it Default? Or DataSource? Update?


ECNReleasing22.Run(ID,User().Email,"*ENGRG RELEASED* "&User().FullName&" ("&Now()&")","*QUALITY SIGNOFF-AUTOMATIC* PER QUALITY MANAGER ("&Now()&")")


ECNReleasing22: Is this the data connection SharePoint list? Or Edit Form?
"*ENGRG RELEASED* - Where is this info coming from? In the history this is only shown in the top history item

"*QUALITY SIGNOFF-AUTOMATIC* PER QUALITY MANAGER : Is this a field? I don't see it in the history.

Community Champion
Community Champion

ENCReleasing22.Run() is the command used to invoke the Flow.  You have to connect it the first time you use it by going to the PA editor, and picking on "Action" then Flows.  You cant just type it in the first time.  Once you have connected it via that method, you can type it all you want.


You only see *ENGRG RELEASED*... in this example because this particular event is doing this function.  Other functions also post to the history field.  You see this one at the top, because this example was just run, and the flow is setup to put newest on top.  You could reverse the order in Flow, and go newest on bottom.


The 2nd item in the run command is for another field.  Its the quality notes.  

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@martinav perhaps could you post maybe a short video how you accomplished this from the very beginning? As I am trying to accomplish the same going back and forth with you comments leaving me puzzled as well. The org recently migrated to SharePoint Online and old Sharepoint onprem had many append changes on past lists - so would be very help find how to do from start to finish. Thank you. 

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Community Champion



Hmm... I have never done a video before.  I might consider it.  I might have some time over the next couple of days.

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@martinav That would most excellent and very helpful. I would even be willing to do the video if you would like as I do many office 365 training videos now for my company if I understood what is needed to be done. Feel free to message me if you would like and we could arrange a meeting to go over. 

@martinav trick gave me some inspiration and I found a way to simulate the appended change without the "Flow" part and so far it worked really well.


@Anonymous you need to keep in mind that @martinav's tips require you to not use the "appended changes" in your SPL and make yourself your Appended changes.


I write more details in few hours (im at work atm)

Yes, Flow is not an absoute requirement to do this in general.  I use flow because this field is being used to record approvals from different steps, etc.  Thus, i'm running a flow anyway.  It's just natural to have it update there.

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