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Listing Appended Changes from Sharepoint List on PowerApps

I've created a PowerApp that show information from a Sharepoint list.  One of the columns in my list has "append changes" active which means we can basically track changes each time this field is edited.  This is helpful because we use it as a comment sections for the item that a user can read the changes as if they were comments.


However, in PowerApps on an item detail screen it only lists the most recent entry (from a PowerApps template) and doesn't append the changes.  Is there any way to do this where it shows all the changes (just as plan text) that user can scroll through?



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Hope this helps.

Please find the attachment, with detailed screenshots and solution

@martinav Can you elaborate on the steps of how to complete this? I am a little confused on how exactly you accomplished this. I really need this function!



Since I run my approvals through Flow, Its just a matter of adding the field value back through again, which gives somewhat of an illusion of an appended field.  Its simply using a Update Item action, and putting in the new text, and then adding the previous value from a Get Item action on the same ID.  


This is done in lieu of an official "appended" column in sharepoint.  Since that column will not show up for powerapps to use.  You MUST use this method with a Multiple lines of Text column with Append changes turned OFF!!  This is actually a work-around.



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I also have figured to do the same @martinav has suggested but it is important to note if done this way to make sure on your SharePoint collumn setting to have append changes turned off. Otherwise it would not work for me. 

@Anonymous ,


You are very right.  I updated my entries to be sure this is clear.  The whole point of this is because the append changes function enabled does not show up in powerapps.

@Anonymous  Could you share how you made your flow.
I have a column named comments i wish to use this to append text from powerapps to it. I cant get @martinav   way to work im probably doing something wrong but i dont know what
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I realize this is an old thread but since it just came up on my search results I figured i would chip in on a simple idea that i had from what others shared.


If you're only looking for a form-based appending, then you can just do so without creating a patch after you submit or using flow (both have valid scenarios depending on your requirement). I'll try to explain the simple test I did, this isn't too robust but it is quick:


  1. Add a custom data card to your form
  2. Include the following controls at least:
    1. Label for the field title ('Comments')
    2. Text Input  (set Display Mode: View, rename it to something meaningful like "HistoryComments")
    3. Label to add new comments
    4. Text Input (name it something like "NewComment"
  3. Change the "Default" formula of your original form comment's field (it should work on the datacard too but i only tested on the field itself), to something like:
    1. HistoryComments.Text & If(!IsBlank(NewComment.Text), Char(13) & Now() & " " & User().FullName & ": " & NewComment.Text,"")
  4. Set the visibility of that original card off

That should be it, it is pretty straightforward, you are simply using the default controls to concatenate the old and new comment (if any) together with some useful infor as the timestamp and user name, this should be overwriting whatever was in the SharePoint item before.



This is only for the "Edit" form, you'd have to add some If statements to hide "HistoryComments" when creating a new item or NewComment when viewing only.

You should keep an eye on what the user interface may look like, if the comments are going to be long or there is going to be a lot, think of including a button to view those comments in a separate screen (use variables to save the comments and display in the other screen) or something similar.

You may be able to avoid using a new card and just go with a Label to display history and variables to concatenate.

This works best if you're overriding SharePoint forms so the user won't be able to go into edit and delete/change all previous comments; advanced users could technically still do it since they do have the permissions for it, so do keep in mind this shouldn't be used with sensitive data at all.

@JimmyWork ,


In the sharepoint column setup, do you have the column "append" feature disabled?  This is just a regular multiple lines of text column.  Flow does the appending.  Not sure why it wouldnt be working.  Please provide more info.

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@JimmyWork sorry for the delay in response. I am doing the append changes in a Flow modifiying the SharePoint list item. My trigger to the Flow is "when an item is creeated or modified" I have two fields one a reply and one a discussion field - both have append changes off. I will post some screenshots here of the PowerApps customize form to get a visual of this here and the parts of flow that matter. When someone has a reply to add to the discussion with their name and timestamp they click on post reply button which takes them to a different screen to feel the reply box which gets posted in discussion field and changes another dropdown to further questions ask by default. The Flow compiles the reply with name and timestamp with an update item action on Flow and convert time before that to include timestamp. Hope this helps and on the images added. Flow pic 2Flow pic 2Flow pic 1Flow pic 1Discussion field results. Blocked text for privacy / securityDiscussion field results. Blocked text for privacy / securityView request and post reply buttonView request and post reply buttonNew requestNew request

@Anonymous  Thank you for answering i actually found a solution to do this without flow and its pretty simple.

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