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Loading Issue when moving from one screen to another

Loading Issue when moving from one screen to another by clicking next button.


Next screen has lots  of controls so it takes time to respond, initially load blank screen, then navigate to the screen. Is there any option like loading 




@Sajith Is that screenshot of a black screen? Also is it from Canvas App or from something else?


In any case it depends what you are doing on that screen. I think more detail is probably needed. What are the formulas used  over there like OnVisible of that Screen, perhaps OnSelect of the button that gets to that screen, etc.?


Probably there is a formula with too heavy processing over there which need to be rewritten or concerns something that should not be processed in this App. (some of them may be good candidates to move to Power Automate Flow, for instance).


As for having lots of Controls - go ahead try and Save a copy of the app (File Sav As). In this Copy try and take out the Controls one by one. If even with the simplest control you have the same black screen, the problem is not with any Control but with a formula somewhere else like OnVisible of that screen, etc. You can try and check on this as well.


Without knowing any other detail besides this screen shot of a black screen though, I might have trouble to really give any advice other than the generic advice above.

Yes it is the screenshot  and it is canvas app. Black screen comes inititally and then load the destination screen and black screen vanishes. I don't think it is due to formula used in On Visible and OnSelect. The destination screen is very having lot of controls and it is taking time to load. If there is an option like wait screen which are used  in web sites, then user will not have this issue.

@Sajith Well you can try and take out controls one by one (try it in a copy of the app using Save As - then give a new name - then just in case close the app return to and look make sure the new named app is there, open that one for editing again just in case). Check at what point (if at all) does the black screen stop after removing how many Controls and which Controls? If there is only one simple control left and the black screen didn't stop, the problem may be with something else. Also check if one specific Control when removed magically removes the black screen - if so, maybe the problem is only or mostly with that Control and not any others.


If there are too many Controls on the screen and that really is the problem, you can try and reduce the number of controls and spread them out on more screens. However, before assuming this, you need to make sure the reason is because there are too many Controls - maybe this is not the reason, you have to be sure of it by checking it. 

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