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Advocate I
Advocate I

Loading Times

I have a very simple app that I am about to share with colleagues.


It connects to no data sources, it is simply a salary and holiday calculator for new starters/leavers.


However, loading times seem to be VERY long for such an app.


Loading from the web (from clicking favourite shortcut)  takes nearly 30 seconds, which for an end user is a lifetime. And thats if it does load, sometimes it just stays on the loading screen and never loads.


Loading a desktop version is a little quicker at 20 seconds from a pinned icon on the start menu.


Apps with a data source however take much longer....


I have an invoice tracker app which I am currently unable to use just because the loading time is ridiculous. It uses an azure database to store the data, and comes in at a whopping 60-70 seconds on a good day. The loading time currently means I have resorted to keep using an excel spreadsheet until these times improve. The app contains textual and numeric data only.


I have noticed other users have the same issues. Is there any update on the progress of fixing this?

Advocate V
Advocate V

Same problem. Totally erratic and unreliable. I tried to show a demo that worked fine one day before and the app would not load. Then it would load one hour later. Then it would not bring a small excel dataset in onedrive for business. What is a preview for if not to start trying to get things done? Need to know whether this is a known issue and will be fixed or I will have to stop considering this technology.

Resolver II
Resolver II

The studio is not stable at this time right now. If you have a huge app, it will take some time to load. I had an app with over 10 screens and a lot of controllers. It took around 1 minute to load.

In my opinion, the better way for current situation is try to reduce the number of controllers and avoid using forms.

Community Champion
Community Champion



Sharing my actual testing:

1. Wind 10 (my case is SP4, i7 8GB): all apps, either 3 screens, complicated 10 screens (with over 100 formulas) can load within < 10 sec.............In this case, I would say that Win 10 (Pinned on Metro) is definitely not a problem for me.

2. Android (a cheap Asus, USD 100 phone, Android 5.01, 1GB Ram, 5") load PowerApps within 20 sec....and once work, not so smooth (I guess due to low spec phone, which I bought it for testing purposes).

3. Web Apps...Yes, it took long time, sometimes even more than 1 min....But once load, it works smoothly.


I tested since Apr till now and PG has to work towards make it stable and definitely, those low spec phone (like Mine!) would have certain limitation.


Hope this provides info to PG for consideration.


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