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Loading drop down values along with filter on a field



In a powerapp form (connected to a sp list), I have a text field, changed it to allow values so that makes it a drop down.

Now i have a document library (prequal contracts) added as a source in which _PrequalLookupValue is a text field, so for items property, I set below and it does show me drop down values. 




Only thing I now want to do is, filter based on a managed metadata field called '_RequiredReporting' eq 'Yes' in Prequal Contracts Library. Can someone please help me with the expression for the same, thanks in advance.  

Resolver II
Resolver II



Did you tryied to do something like this on the "Items" property of the DropDown DataCard ?


Filter('Precual Contracts', ThisItem.'_RequiredReporting' = 'Yes')


If that doesnt work, share us the name of SP List Connection and the DataType of '_RequiredReporting' field.



@dariobois  thanks for answering, Yes tried that but did not work.

_requiredreporting is a managed metadata column. SP List name is prequallogreporting

@dariobois tried below but did not work




is _RequiredReporting a lookupvalue too?


Try some of this:


Filter(Choices('Precual Contracts'._PrequalLookupValue), ThisItem._RequiredReporting.Value = "Yes")


Filter(Choices('Precual Contracts'._PrequalLookupValue), ThisItem._RequiredReporting.Value = True)


Filter(Choices('Precual Contracts'._PrequalLookupValue), ThisItem._RequiredReporting = True)


@dariobois thanks but doesnt work, Requiredreporting is managed metadata not a lookup



I'm sorry 😞  but i couldnt understand wich Sharepoint List is linked to that control. Can you show me the original formula of it?


By the way, try this, or modify it with your Connection, lists, and properties names.


Filter( Choices('Precual Contracts'._PrequalLookupValue), Id in Filter(precalogreporting,_RequiredReporting.Label = "Yes").ID )


The idea is to filter the elements of the "LookUpField" when their IDs are in the elements that have the label "Yes" in the managed metadata column of the other list.


I hope I've helped.






@dariobois  thanks so much for helping out. Please check the question description, I added a screenshot there for the control, its linked to Prequal Contracts (document library)'s field called '_PrequalLookupValue', _Requiredreporting is a managed metadata field residing in the same library. I tried what you suggested but does not work

@dariobois  tried below but not getting it to work:


Filter(Choices('Precual Contracts'._PrequalLookupValue), ThisItem.ID in Filter('Prequal Contracts',_RequiredReporting.Label = "Yes").ID)


Please note _PrequalLookupValue is a lookup field and _RequiredReporting is a managed metadata, both in prequal contracts doc library. 



@dmistry  Hi Again! 


I tried to replicate your scenary. Tell me if im wrong.


You have a Sharepoint List called prequallogreporting


with this columns:





And you also have a Document Library Called 'Precual Contracts'




with this columns.


The managed metadata column contains this "labels"




Then, in PowerApps you need a dropdown control who shows only the items with a "Yes" value on the _RequiredReporting field, like this:




You can do that, configuring the items control formula with this:




    Id in Filter(
        'Precual Contracts',
        _RequiredReporting.Label = "Yes"




Tell me if that works, or share me all your structure model of sharepoint list, library with columns configuration and example data.










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