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Looking Up and Displaying a Single Record from Multiple Records

I have my application connected to a data source. I have repeating data in several columns. When a user selects a particular  year I want to display in a new screen  a multiple records for that year without the repeating data. 


For example I have a list of face-face & online classes occuring  running from  2016, 2017 & 2018. If the user selects 2016 in the first screen , I want to display the subjects taken in 2016 only along with other information such as name of school.


How can I efficient achieve this. 

Power Apps Staff CarlosFigueira
Power Apps Staff

Re: Looking Up and Displaying a Single Record from Multiple Records

You can accomplish this with a couple of screen, and each screen having one gallery. In the first screen your gallery would show all the distinct values for the year from your data source. For example, if your data source is called 'Classes', the Items property of the gallery could be something like this:

YearsGallery.Items: Distinct(SortByColumns(Classes, "Year", Ascending), Year)

In the gallery you would add a label showing the year, and on its OnSelect property it would navigate to the second screen:

Label1.OnSelect: Navigate(CoursesPerYearScreen, ScreenTransition.Fade)

On the second screen you can then use the Filter function in another gallery to show only the courses for that year, based on what is selected on the first gallery:

CoursesGallery.Items: Filter(Classes, Year = YearsGallery.Selected.Result)

Notice that this is only an implementation option; you can use something simpler for the first screen for example, like a dropdown instead of a gallery. You could have both options (years and classes per year) in the same page. The formulas above should work for those scenarios as well.


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Re: Looking Up and Displaying a Single Record from Multiple Records

This help somewhat, what I am unable to decipher  is for the gallery to return in a label only the subjects that matches the  selected fiscal year with


So I want to return the following subjects within a label that matches the a column titled discipline which contains Comm, Math, Sci, etc. within the table is the fiscal year each discipline is reviewed. However some disciplines contain more than one subject. So if I choose FY 17  it transition to a new screen that tell the user Comm. is the discipline under review. Now I want to display within a label the list of subject(s) within the discipline.



College: XYZ


Review Yr: FY 2017


Subject: ENG, SPE, JRN, ETC --- what function and formula do I need to create so that when the fiscal year is selected and it matches a discipline it will display the list of subjects (only once) for the the chosen discipline.


Thanks in advance.

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