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Lookup Function

Good afternoon,

I have a lookup function:


                'TEAM MEMBER'.Value = Input_TeamMemberTarea.Selected.Value && FECHA = Input_FechaTarea.SelectedText.Value && SERVICIO.Value = Input_Servicio.Selected.Value


 'TEAM MEMBER', 'FECHA' and 'SERVICIO' are columns in TAREA list
but I have an error:

It says that both values are in a different type.

can you help me solve that?


Super User
Super User


Try Selected.Value instead of SelectedText.Value


Also, is FECHA a LookUp / Choice column? IF so, you need to use FECHA.Value

Hi @Eelman 

FECHA is a Date&Time column so I cannot put FECHA.Value


Well there is your issue. You are comparing Date to Text. Are you using a textinput to enter a date? If so, why not use a DatePicker? Solves a lot of issues.


However, if you insist on using a textinput wrap that in DateTimeValue()

I don't use DatePicker because I restrict only the dates where a week is selected. I created dates which has week (Single text value). In a dropdown I have those weeks and if I select one of them, then I have only 7 options to register.


I think is becuase as you said I am comparing Date to Text

I'm going to try to change it, thanks


I just tested it on my side and if you setup your 7 options in the format "mm/dd/yyyy" you can use this to convert and compare:

FECHA = DateValue(Input_FechaTerea.Selected.Value)


The Dropdown1 below has items (format = "mm/dd/yyyy"):


The label showing True/False has this code:



So you can see, it is comparing text to dates and showing True when they match so this should work in your situation.






First Picture:


This is my edit form and it appears the dates that corresponds to a week selected.

But If I create a record with the same Team member, Date (Fecha) and Service (Servicio), it allows me not to create that again.
that's why I put:

                'TEAM MEMBER'.Value = Input_TeamMemberTarea.Selected.Value && FECHA = Input_FechaTarea.SelectedText.Value && SERVICIO.Value = Input_Servicio.Selected.Value

The '=' icon gets me a warning message: 'Comparing values are not the same type'

When I click the save button I don't want this to happen: 
Same date.PNG

Just I don't want the app to allow me to save that record


Also I have this column (FECHA) type as Date&Fecha and I changed the DatePicker into a dropdown as you see in the first picture.
Only this that to Filter the dates with the column (You can read more about that situation:

the second message I wrote down below)


When I save the date it saves as a string type as you said. 

It only works well if I make FECHA column as Lookup column, and in the Items property shows 'Choices(TAREA.FECHA)


Inside your IsBlank, try this to get rid of the error

FECHA = DateValue(Input_FechaTarea.Selected.Value)

If this doesn't work, change your dropdown dates to "mm/dd/yyyy" they are currently "dd/mm/yyyy"

I use date forms as "dd/mm/yyyy", I'm in Latin America

Now it reads as a Date type but stills gets me an error

Ok, but you still haven't tried wrapping your 'date' in the function DateValue(). Please try that ie


... FECHA = DateValue(Input_FechaTarea.Selected.Value) ...



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